Drunk at Drunken Dwarrow Inn

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It was wonderful eve!

Portrait of Odsi

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Artwork: Drawing
My drawing.

Bottled death

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Greetings Kurdubad Odsi,

With this report I wish to inform you about those phials you gave me. It peeked my curiosity and made it my top priority. These three phials that you looted from the orcs roaming in Khazad-Dum are quite troublesome, I have never seen anything like it. I will go into detail regarding each phial and its content. Please note that I have never been to Khazad-Dum and therefore not had the chance to discover what life grows in the depths. Nevertheless, I believe I have uncovered some new insights that you may find useful.

Blue journal entry # 1 - Preparations

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The first entry in this new blue covered journal I bought from the market in Bree. New white pages which hopefully will be filled with writings of our successful journey to our homeland. Preparations are currently on my mind. Which path shall we follow? 

The Gap of Rohan 

The mines of the dwarves

The Redhorn mountain pass near the ruins of the ancient elven kingdom

Iron Ale - Beer Jingle

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Odsi Ironarm commissioned me to write a jingle for his latest concoction: Iron Ale.

It's so good, a pail of it can kill a troll dead.


~ Ironale, Ironale, ~
~ Best when served inside a pail, ~
~ When you drink, you'll never fail - ~
~ To be on a roll, ~
~ Like a dead troll, ~
~ And all that rigamarol-lo-lo-lol! ~
~ Ironale, in a pail, without fail! ~

Sheet Music:

((a sheet of musical notes sits before you, for lute.  Half of the page is blank it's so short!

Durin's Folk Lords

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Artwork: Drawing

A few portraits I managed to scribble out while everyone wasn't looking.

Right to Left, Top to Bottom, the chief officers of Durin's Folk:

((My own original artwork, all rights reserved. Done with Procreate on an iPad.))
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