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   I have returned from Bree-land, having found a few fellow dwarrows who once had connections with Veinbolt's Company. Not the least of which is a young dwarf named Thorbeck. He was ecstatic when he received his insignia for Veinbolt's Company. This warmed my heart for the first time in what feels like an age.

ARCHIVED - An image, before it began.

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Artwork: Painting

OOC - THIS IS ARCHIVED. It is no longer in use, at all - Do not refer to it for any form of imagery, or reference. It should be noted that the characters in the above are not portrayed as they are now.


The Book Of Garmorn - A History of the Manúr dynasty [[ARCHIVED]]


Always, has the knowledge found in books, interested me. To sit, and read, and learn, it is a bliss of unknown nature. And thus, I shall note down the extended histories, in their most complex, yet simple controversially - state, of the Munár dynasty, of the lore of Garmorn, and Harkmorn, and Argmorn, Rukhmorn, and other notable characters - Such as Tórunr.

Fried Fish, Onions, and Strange Encounters - Part I

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

A short tale of the dealings with strange folk in the lands of Men between the mountains of Eriador, and also a celebration of the simple joys of life as seen from a minor company of dwarves (or "dwarrows" if you like).


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