A Meeting Of Some Importance

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For all  our suffering, the men and women of Arnor wrought great good in the world. We  built the great cities of Annúminas and Fornost Erain, even though both are now ruined. Fornost is still sparsely inhabited. We preserved for many years the knowledge of the Elder Days, when we had already lost it.  We defeated the power of Angmar even though it cost us our kingdom, and to this day, the remnant of Dúnedain in Arnor protect their former lands which are now inhabited by other Men and other races.

The Tragedy of Man.

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An old man, his face merry as the morning sun stepped through the door of the inn, a quiet day, though children played about, watched by two women no doubt giving the other mothers a rest, for there were too many children to be mothered by two. The day was fairly new, and beams of light invaded the darkness of the room, the dust highlighted as specks, as though miniscule wisps dancing through the air. 

The King's Man and the Faithful

A View of Truth by Azrudaur

Good and evil are matters of perception.

A cronicle of the sundered strands of the decendants of Numenor, the lies of Elves and the quest to regain the birthright of Men.


A Plea to Halbarad

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' I need them, old friend.'

The grey-haired man pinches the bridge of his nose, then rubs his thumb wearily over his forehead. He looks up slowly from his stool by the fire towards the other man perched on the worn oak chest.

'Men ... lads,' he continues, ' I'd even take a green boy or two if that's all there are to spare.'

The desperation behind his grey eyes leaks into his words as he picks up his pipe. Halbarad smiles wanly back at him as he listens to the too-familiar litany before replying.

The Hunt for Randir - "Gift"

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On sprinted the Noldo-maiden toward the Camp of Ruidhriel. Her true intent known to none but herself, she smiled in the rising light. Dawn broke freshly over the threshold of the red-coloured stones of Sirannon, the rocky hills and tall gargantuan boulders towering over the small, slender, yet rather broad-shouldered figure who was sprinting at her own balanced pace towards the discoloured and worn tent of Ruinedhriel. She could see the smoke from the campfire wafting over the red sky of Hollin, and finally her feet came to a stop before Ruidhriel.

Life from the Ice; a legacy.

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Once, a company of Rangers kept the lands to the north-west safe and secured, operating from the isle within Nenuial's cleansing waters. The strongest of them all, Amendil, known as the Shadow-walker, lead them into battle against foes beyond counting. After his vanishing, it was into the hands of Vinti, known among the Elves as Alaghir, to pick up where he left, and to lead the Dunedain once more.

From Tomb-Robber to Ranger - Chapter 1

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Anger. Anger and Fury. The Woman looked at the lake once more and cursed to herself in Sindarin. Her worthless band had failed to show up consecutively now, and their absence drove her mad with fury and longing for companionship. Her friendship with Furlaf had faded, and even her relationship with Boen was going downhill. Only Cyneburga was her only friend.

Rhîwonnen Crafting Brand

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The Brand used by the Smiths of Rhîwonnen, the Dúnedain smithing family to mark their craft since The Second Age.

Fearing the reply

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Finally the letter she had been waiting for and also dreading slightly had arrived, she quickly skimmed over it and noted the name at the bottom, worry now took her as she reread the details.


Addressed to Filrean Gwathir,

Your letter for Captain Tarmagiel has found its way upon myself, to which this cause has now become a matter most serious.  Your course of action is close to being of an insubordinate nature, though we are not of the military strength we once were you are to be held accountable for such. 

The Dúnadan Within

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The Heart of Umbaindes is not wholly evil, no, it is just frozen and hardened due to decades of burden, hardship, and Ill deeds. It takes a great amount of determination and will to see Umbaindes' warm side.


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