Screaming in the Night

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Syllea had left the inn trembling and crying. Cat followed her, seeming very attentive to the girl's feelings. Syllea did not notice this, though. She wanted to run until the inn was no longer in her sight but got no farther than a few steps past the door; she collapsed into the grass and let out a heart-wrenching scream. Tears poured down her face, her fingers dug into the grass beneath her, and her breathing became rapid and quick as she struggled to get air into her lungs.

Manadhlaer's Diary: The Unshakable Feeling

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Dear Diary,

The weeping Lady

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After a night of banter with friends and foes alike, the Lady returned home, haunted by the specter that is love and loss. "You said you'd never leave me! Is this what you wanted? You foolish man. You swore on the heavens, the moon, the stars, your blighted ancestors! Promises made, but not kept. You left me a son and I can thank you for that gift. We weren't saints, but neither were we sinners. We were two fools in love that thought the world would be kinder to us. Happy anniversary son of the South.


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One winter morning, the stars still pale in the dawn sky, a soft knock sounded on the door of Galtharian’s small Breeland home.

In the House of Crownlight


Stories from the home of Galtharian Crownlight as he mourned Cedmon Windseeker after the latter fell in Carn Dum.

A night alone

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The Pony was slow tonight, after it being busy for many nights it felt good. Egfor's friend's latest interest came into the common room. She has ginger hair, which automatically makes me distrust her...if she is like Egfor's friend with red hair, I want nothing to do with her. But Fox finds her interesting. I know nothing of the attraction a man has for a woman, nor do I care to know. A man started flirting with her...and she flirted back. I was a bit shocked, as women tend to do it less than men when involved but I had a feeling Fox would not like this development.

Manadhlaer's Diary: It Is Done -- Or Is It?

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Dear Diary,

Well, it is all done. Daegond of Gondolin lies in a cairn alongside his oath-brother, my husband -- I took a stone from Themodir's to put on Daegond's. No more will he break furniture in what he called the "Hall of Lies." No more will he sniff new recruits to make sure they are sufficiently respecting me. May Lord Namo give him at least the mercy of forgetting all he saw, heard, smelled at the sack of the White City.

Manadhlaer’s Diary: A Dreadful End

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Dear Diary,

Well, that was painful in a way I had not pictured. 

I shall not reproduce here the autopsy report, which is really only for Tûr anyway, since the body of my beloved husband-brother was witnessed by Tingruviel, Elvealin, Tindir, Estarfin, and Veryacano, and assisted by my twin star Norliriel. None of them should have had to see Daegond so. 

A Sleepless Night

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Stuck in the mire that is my thoughts. 
My mind losing all its been taught
By me.

All the fears, suffocating
While my heart, itself, stands hating.
Never did I want this path,
But fate always gets last laugh.  

If these are growing pains,
Why do I not stand taller?
If, to strength, it pertains,
Why shatter me and make me smaller?

Many would offer words
Of comfort, to me.
But I stand so alone. 
Can't they see?

Rain Ghost

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Rain Ghost (Click to listen) *

First impressions had a power to them. The smallest of moments could provoke a myriad of thoughts. Ryheric sought the challenge of being able to capture these moods in the music he made. Though he knew he was not a real musician, and that the improvised nature of his work meant no piece would ever be polished or perfect, often not even tidy, he used his lute as an outlet.


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