We Have Seen The Gardens Vanish

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Dimmed lights of the inn, flickering.
Many voices speaking, silently.
Anxiety, doubtfulness within the air, dulling the mind like an invisible mist.
Some are on duty. They make ready, prepare for the next day.
Some are just resting, recovering from perilous endeavours within a dangerous forest.


Through the eyes of a Ranger: Conflict

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It has been long since I've been able to take up this book and write and still I'm hesitant of writing

Some time has passed since it happened but I cannot get it out of my head, I've had little sleep and I know they have begun to worry due to my lack of eating but how can I eat when the faces of those men haunt me still?

Numariell loses the friendship of her sister

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Artwork: Artscreen

Nimrinwe, disapproves of Numariell's mercy on her husband, after he had made the foolish mistake of sending her away.  Love overcomes many things, one thing being anger.  Numariell has found hate is too  great of a burden, however she loses Nimrinwe and sorrow comes upon her heart.

A Journal for the Journey - Entry 2

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Orithil, Laer, T.A. 3018

So as I scribble down my second page, I think of how Minyelaire's "success" had been nothing more but a mask of hurt and confusion, the first foot of our Journey to Harad already sullied by burden and sorrow.

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