A heavy heart in Bree

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It had been a while since he had set foot inside the town of Bree, and his heart was filled with a loathing several leagues before he reached the gate, a loathing he was trying to keep at bay by wearing a false smile upon his lips. Even Haeleth his mount dipped her head and slowed herself to a canter, her ears pulled back in protest at the quality of stabling on offer.

Argewyn, The story of her life. Chapter two, Disbanded.

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Chapter two, Disbanded.

I found myself underneath some ruins, The Snow storm was no more, but that didn't mean the cold was gone either. If it wasn't for the food the Elf gave me, I would not be here right now.
I woke up, underneath those ruins I found after wandering around Bree-town. Later I found out that that place was called 'Beggars Allay' Typical for me to find shelter there. I thought about my father, and if he would still be here? Was he looking for me? No he would never.

The streets of Bree

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Impressions of Bree


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