Bree rumours through the lens of a 'chorus'


In this chronicle stories, rumors, and notices are interpreted through the (not so) educated lens of the Pony trio; Edgar, Scottie, and Bob. 


Meanwhile, at the Lakeside Glen

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

At the Starmere Lake, a seduction most sensual takes place.

It was to be expected. Ryheric is a bard according to the people of Bree. Though, the title is modestly (or obnoxiously) denied by the man himself.

Bards, scalds, minstrels. Traveling musicians, these drifter types do have a certain social reputation. Farmers in Bree aimed to keep their daughters away from Ryheric.

The man had too easy a smile and was rather dark looking with a vicious sword almost always at his hip. In Bree he had met most of those he knew at the tavern.

A Rumour in Falathlorn

Elves were seen in force, marching and training around Falathlorn.

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