The Spotless Note

Shady Tavern Dealings


The Spotless Note is home to many a deal and trade...

The Spotless Note

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Artwork: Drawing

The Spotless Note

Available for all services related to letters, notarizing, deals, and other documents. Our clerks are ready to serve and committed to confidentiality.


A note advertising the business of the Spotless Note, on the surface a clerk's shop, but perhaps more lies beneath the surface of this establishment...

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Tavern Dancing

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Artwork: Painting

After discovering that Emmawynn found Bree to be full of sad people, Lane took the girls of NOF on a barhopping trip in Bree to show them the normal and happy side of the city. Several of the guys crashed the trip, including the Dark Bard, and they all ended up in her favorite tavern, the seedy smuggler's bar called the Spotless Note, where her protégée Maxim and a few other smugglers and other likely criminal figures engaged the group in dancing.

Tavern Dealings

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Bree, Present Day


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