The Sunlight Pass

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Many roaming bards and traveling merchants have brought stories and descriptions of Bree back to their homeland -- though rarely related to the village itself, an insignificant mish-mash of cobble, tile, and wood in an endless sea of jade green glades, forests, roving plains coated with beautiful tricolor flowerbeds, and cultivated land. While many in Bree had hardly the will or the means to experience the beauty beyond the hedge wall, there were still those that roamed the land freely.

Bree rumours through the lens of a 'chorus'


In this chronicle stories, rumors, and notices are interpreted through the (not so) educated lens of the Pony trio; Edgar, Scottie, and Bob. 


Trouble at Hengstacer's

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The sun sets for yet another rainy day in Bree-land. Relentless rain floods the cracked cobbles of Bree, a smooth symphony of pitter-patter and a gentle splashing on the soft town soil. The shopkeepers hurriedly gather their wares in their carts after a long day of practicing the sacred art of negotiation and haggling, even if it were cut short by the wrath of the elements.

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