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Artwork: Painting

A portrait of Drycwyn's late husband that sits above her bed at home. 


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Artwork: Painting

The portrait of Manadhlaer. View the full version in ArtStation.

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Original artist

Message in a Bottle

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14 June

My only love,

I have blinked, and five years have passed since I held your hröa in my arms, long after your fëa had sped to Mandos. 

It makes me happy to imagine that Lord Ulmo pulled the blue rose given me by hiril Gilinnen, mother of Elvealin, and which I set on top of the surf at Lindon, along the Straight Road until it came to the shores of the Blessed Lands, and to think that there it came to your hand. For you would know at once who sent it and what it meant.

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