A December Night

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

A December Night
by Miss Corydalia Birdsfoot of the Little Delving Birdsfoots
with extreme apologies to W.S. Gilbert

When a hobbit’s not engaged in digging taters (digging taters)

Nor is elbow-deep in scrubbing pots and pans (pots and pans)

Song: Hope of the lost one

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

One look at her and you may see
A fate unkind, it’s a mystery
She is young and yet she’s torn apart
For hope has now left this woman’s heart
Hope has now left this woman’s heart

Whispering tales, a word of lies
The man and the maid of the love denied
One breath, one lie may end or may start
For hate took a place of the man’s heart
Hate took a place in the man’s heart

In song remembered

What kind of Adventure is this?: 
Shadows grew long afore the dimmed dawn
while men awoke to muted horns;
hearty men green-cloaked and ironclad.
Far they had ridden on well-trained steeds,
passing over river, mound and dale;
heavy hoofs broke ground well-traveled,
resting now on cold and dewy grass.
Still their fires burned and embers flew;
birds singing and crickets playing
in the misted morning, while the sun rose
behind mountains white-enclouded.


What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Roaring fire burning bright,

Dancing merry through the night.

Speech and song run sweet and long,

Everbathed in glowing light.


Gentle fire under star,

Warming trav’lers from lands afar.

Crystal clear ring cries of cheer‿

While flames flick’ring play on logs smoke-charred.


Raging fire blazing bold,

Greedy tongues lick red and gold.

The Solitary Hunter (Atharann's Song)

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Click here to listen.

Ryheric's theme for Atharann, the ranger who had experienced hardships, death, loss and fuel for violence and war throughout his long life.

Often, Atharann was separated from the group and operated alone. Ryheric often wondered about him during those times.

(( This is an orchestrated soundtrack piece. Ryheric's original lute piece is represented by the sound of the guitar.))

Dance of Spring

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Dance for the fire,
The glow of warmth!
Dance for the breeze
Bringing rains from the north!

Dance for the grass;
For the green of the hills!
Dance for the sun;
The warming of chills!

Dance for the lilies
The gems of the forest!
Dance for the frogs;
For their sweet little chorus!

Regarding the Elves

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It has now been some days since I was in the House of Elrond, having been sent there on an errand by my allies in Esteldín.  I confess that I was afraid, for never before had I met so many of the Fair Folk, nor stayed in their halls.  Sire Angild would on occasion trade with the Fair Folk of the Greenwood, but seldom, and never did I accompany him to those far distant borders.


The Failing of the Light

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

In the valley of eve,

Fell the sun into sorrow.

The silver stars laid low,

Yet by darkling sky ungrieved.


Crimson was the still dawn,

The wind wailed down, the clear lake

Shone red in evil’s wake,

Yet none by the shore did mourn.


O forsaken land, o failing breath,

O fallen kin and cursed waste,

O unhappy fate I would embrace,

Yet by ill fortune scorned by death.


Aurthiel's Songbook


A published songbook, fanciful and elegant, likely found in an elven library. Complete with notes and music sheets, these are the songs the hiril Aurthiel have written or adapted as a minstrel.

Scarf Song

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The cold, oh! The cold, it bites
All around me and in my young heart
Chill me, burn me, break me, take me
The sorrow runs deep as the frosty waves below, pounding and harsh.

Alone, so cold and alone. 
Bitter winds sweep around my thin skirt, I am a glacial stone
Yet, in the apathies of this curse, I sense one thing
The rough yet warm cloth wraps around me


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