The Shadow Walkers: Lhaereth The Stained

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The three friends and the dozens of other Warriors might have just encountered Shelob but the joy and glory of having no casualties did not last lore. Almost immediately after they left Shelob's Lair they found themselves in the unending darkness of Mordor once again. And their next step would be Agarnaith. As they moved through Dor Amarth, they met with two other groups and raided not only the orc encampment of Fushaum Tum but several more other encampments of the minions of the Enemy.

Poem of Ynel

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

At evening often it happens yet,

When the rest of our night is free,

That a veteran old from the war is met,

And we chat about Ynel of Bree.


Though sullen the man may have been before,

More kindly his face now grows,

And his gray moustache doth a curl come o'er,

And smile on his visage grows.


He thinks how oft from the battle-plain,

or from long-day's travel incur

And wearied, came he a pint to drain,

in the Prancing Pony with her.


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