Manadhlaer, Rîn of Lósengriol

Name Manadhlaer
Leads a house of Eldar
Outward Appearance

Manadhlaer stands above average height for an elleth. She is silver-haired, with grey eyes that tend just slightly towards blue. Flaws in her beauty are found on her hands: calluses on her fingertips from harp and lute strings; perhaps a broken nail or a slight scrape from working in her garden. Her hair nearly reaches her waist when loose, though she wears it braided out of the way for work; somehow this looks youthful but austere at once.. She manages to carry a faint smell of the sea wherever she goes -- or perhaps it is only the rustle of her dress sounding like waves -- although some say her scent is that of healing herbs. Her touch is soothing, especially when a cool hand is needed on a hot forehead.


Manadhlaer was the only child of Calpacaro, a Falmarin shipwright, who gave her the father-name Airesarë ("little sea pebble") and Ñandelë, a Noldorin harpist who played to the sea at the inlet of Alqualondë, and gave her the mother-name Celulinda ("flowing music"). At the Kinslaying, both parents were killed before Celulinda's terrified eyes as she hid in an overturned swan-hull, peering through the cracks -- Calpacaro tried in vain to stop Fëanor's men once they drew swords, and Ñandelë was cut down even as she pleaded for mercy for the gentle inhabitants of the Swan-haven. After Fëanor's men left, stained with the blood of other Quendi, Celulinda was discovered by a kinsman. Her cousin Ayandil patched together a damaged boat, with only a crude tiller to steer by, and sailed across the Belegaer, he knew not where -- but away.

Celulinda was found asleep on a strange shore, by which time her cousin had vanished. She was taught Sindarin; still learning it, she gave herself her current epessë. Her Laiquendi saviours eventually blindfolded her and brought her to Menegroth in the heart of Doriath. 

There she met the youngest child of Finarfin and Ëarwen - an unusual Elf-maid whose mother-name was Nerwen, who seemed to see into the fëa of the young orphan. It was Nerwen who planted the idea in Manadhlaer's heart that the kindreds of the Quendi must one day reunite. With a budding talent for healing, Manadhlaer left Doriath, stealing eastward with the help of the Green-elves in exchange for first aid.

At Belegost and Nogrond, she began her long task of preserving the songs of the other peoples of Arda. Much later, she would notate and preserve ballads that mourned the losses of Beleriand and Númenor.

By the Third Age, many other Eldar with a desire to preserve all types of knowledge found themselves under the roof of Elrond Peredhil in his refuge at Imladris. It was here that Manadhlaer made an unlikely friend: Themodir. Over time, something surprising happened: the two fell in love. Ai, the heart wants what it wants.

Tragically, Themodir was cut down in his prime on a mission to resupply the Hithaeglir guard-posts. Themodir was made captive by Goblins for a short time, and his rescuers found he had suffered a poisoned wound -- no poison that any of the scholars of the Vale had ever encountered. The healer Norliriel and three warriors ran at top speed through the snow for three days, bearing Themodir on a fur cloak; he spent much of that time out of his senses or suffering fits, although Norliriel sang to him of his bride, to give him strength -- and gave of her own fëa in the process. Manadhlaer's husband, with his last breath, whispered words of love and then died in her arms.

In happier times, Manadhlaer prefers white wine to red, and strongly prefers fish to land-meat. Her prized possessions are a wooden flute with a swan motif, carved by her father; an heirloom pink diamond, always worn as a brooch somewhere on or in her clothing; and of course her silver betrothal ring and gold wedding ring (both are worn because of the circumstances of her widowhood, and an excess of sentiment). Acting in her capacity as Rîn of Lósengriol, she wears a circlet of office. Recently, am odd swan-badge joined her adornments -- curiously black as night, and marred with a few deep scratches.

Second-cousin: Meluilindele
The decay of Arda marred
Her late husband ever and always, music, the sea, her friends (including a few select animals)
Goblins; any poison or user of poison; losing patients, although this is more of a despair than a true hate
What has gone before must be recorded and remembered
"Kindly fight elsewhere. You are disturbing my patient."

Manadhlaer's Adventures

Manadhlaer's Adventures

Manadhlaer's Gallery

Manadhlaer's Gallery