Lothilia 'Lotti' Featherfoot

Name Lothilia
Official Lute Player of The Green Dragon
The Shire with Rurydoc and their son Halfast
Grand Order Of The Lost Mathom
Outward Appearance
Joyful. Button wearing. Lute is painted with flowers and the signature 'Lotti' is written upon the woodwork. Shocking red hair.


History: Lothilia Bolewood, as she was formally known. Was born just across the river, behind The Green Dragon. There she lived for the majority of her life, before marrige last year. Daughter to Jimothy Bolewood and Lothilia Tumblefoot. Among the family tree, there are to be found Fleetfoots, Proudfoots and Hobbletoe's. Lotti comes from a lenghty line of boot wearers, which is of course most unusual. Prefering not to talk about the true reasons, the family have always responded with the answer ''It keeps the bog out''. This could harken to their history of living in and around Frogmorton. Bolewoods in particular have a history of Frogmorton, and even up as far as Needlehole. Lothilia, or 'Lotti' as she prefers to be known, is a very decent player of the lute. Known for being the official lute player of The Bird and Baby for a few years, Lotti eventually managed to gain a perment position as The Green Dragon's official lute player.

 Carlo was unhappy to lose Lotti, but the decision for Lotti was one of a convinience option, being that she lived so close. Barmy, the barman at The Green Dragon was at odds with the Bolewood family, due to one of their Cows frequently 'tresspassing' around the gardens of the tavern. Jimothy, Lothilia's father seemed to do nothing about the problem, and so Lotti was tarred with a 'Jimothy Brush', so to speak. However, with help from a friend, name of Berrill Shaard, Lotti was able to convince Barmy, that the ''Bolewood Madness'' ended with her father.

 Happily, Lotti's lute playing has proved profitable, but her heart always lay with the keeping of chickens on her dads farm. Upon meeting a particular Bounder, namely, Rurydoc Featherfoot, loved blossomed between the two. Rury, having survived the wrath of Jimothy, and the odd thrown spear, managed to wed Lotti in the summer of last year. The event was a large one, with many lining up to give the happy couple presents. Much dancing, and much eating of pie took place, and the two have remainded inseperable ever since. Jimothy on the other hand, was not invited to the wedding of his daughter and Rury, causing him much grief. Thankfully ole Jim Bolewood has a dreadfully short memory, and often cannot even remember if his daughter is married or not. Jimothy was actually told, the wrong date for the wedding, due to the fact that he planned to cause quite a fuss, and had sharpened up a new spear in readyness to squere a Rurydoc.

Lothilia is a well dressed hobbit. Her clothes come from an ''Aunt Fiona'', living in Stock. On occasion Lothilia refers to her ''Aunt Maggie'', and at this point, there is perhaps some confusion as to which aunt is making which clothes, as both would apparently live in Stock. Clarification has never been asked, so be it one aunt, with two names, or two aunts, this shall remain a mystery for now. Lothilia's clothes are very well made, made to last, with shining buttons, tailored exactly to her size. Clothes befitting a Mayoress of Slighting Village, as this is also what she is. Appointed by members of the village, and represented by one Davibard, Lothilia became Mayoress of Slighting Village last Autumn. The village was in quite a state, with even evidence that humans were residing in the odd hobbit-hole!!? Lothilia pertitioned for their swift removal, using tact and some secrecy, and with the unwitting help of Davibard, the Slighting Village is looking in better shape.

 Lothilia, not normally the adventerous type, last year, joined a very queer order of hobbits indeed. Much cannot be said about this order, other than that they are quite secretive. A love of mathoms, from far and near is one item that ties this group of hobbits together. Lothilia became good friends with some members, and by speaking at length to one Rowana, who appears to orchestrate items within the order, Lothilia decided to join up. Rury also became a member, though at first was most reluctant it has to be said, being himself more of a lover of fishing, fine ale, weed, boundering, lazing about the shire, than being involved with any adventerous order of travelling mathom lovers.

Lothilia has many friends, allthough close ones, she can hardly count on one hand. Next to Rurydoc, her husband, her dearest friend it has to be said would be her new-found cousin, Dyl Meadowfoot. Dyl and Lotti became friends, before it was revealed, thanks to a very dusty book, that they were both cousins.The friendship has continued to the point, that Lotti thinks very highly of her cousin Dyl indeed. Lotti usually spends her days tending to chickens, and visiting Dyl. Occasionally she will take a trip to see her parents, but not now as often, since a rather ugly item, regarding her parentage came up, at the Green Dragon one night. It would appear, that Lothilia's natural mother, is infact non other than Old Gamma Saphyre Shaard. This was quite a shock to Lotti, and to her friends, and peers alike. Not many scandals take place in The Shire, but this was a corker.

Lothilia has become much more involved with activitys within the Grand Order, busying herself in books, since this came to light. And so.. like a cat among Lotti's chickens, there is now evidence, that along with Fleetfoots, Bolewoods, Proudfoots, Meadowfoots of course and Hobbletoes, there are now Shaards in the family tree.

Dyl, Rurydoc and many others
Saphyre, Jimothy
Rurydoc and her son Halfast
Her job at The Green Dragon. A love for music, and carrots.
Have you finished with that Pie? Only i've room for more in ere.

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Lothilia's Adventures

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