Ceobrand, Son of Redbrand

Name Ceobrand
Ploughman, Captain of his kin's Éored
His family Croft or wherever he lays down his shield and his saddle
Outward Appearance

'Their golden hair was braided on their shoulders; the sun was blazoned upon their green shields, their long corslets were burnished bright, and when they rose taller they seemed than mortal men.'

'They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years.' - J.R.R. Tolkien on the Men of Rohan.



Ceobrand (Peasant-fire) is a veteran outrider, worn with time; many long campaigns has this tired farmer endured against many foes, in Rohan and in Gondor: Orcs, swarthy-men, and fell beasts he knew well. Long and proud has his beard grown ere he settled south of the Entwash, and there took his Wife, and made a life of peace and plenty. But in these dark days the old mantle of captaincy has been thrust upon him once more, and now across the fields he leads an Éored with gruff wisdom. Yet his mind and heart are ever bent toward the love of tilling earth; for in the Folde of Rohan his wife and young daughter tend to the croft, in peace amid a poised war, and they keep their eyes to the horizon for his return.

His firstborn is Redwick, now grown to early manhood and is estranged from him, for he long flew the nest beyond the reach of his father's ear and call. Ceobrand has buried his bitterness and grief, though it wears plainly upon his brow: like any father, he waits always to hear tidings of his son, and what honour he may have brought to his name. 

Over Riddermark Ceobrand rides forth with his companion-steed, Iwald 'The Old Yew', so named due to his hardy years and yew-coloured tail; he is a somewhat unruly and impatient horse, and shares in his master's seasoned age. But in this they hold a kinship with one another that cannot easily be broken, and the two of them have come to an unspoken understanding: they both yearn to take to the grasslands as Rider and Mount.

He remains a warm-hearted man, and in days gone by he won renown with his brother for their riding; not for a particular skill in arms, nor unbridled fierceness; but because of their cheerful loud singing, even in the thick of things. But now the years have passed steadily, and Ceobrand's manner has been tempered. He is yet no hero of Rohan remembered in song or tale, though he has won honour enough for his family; but in this he has not yet been tested, and great and fell deeds await him upon the war-torn Mark. What Ceobrand has lacked in famous deed he more than compensates with unmatched experience.

The Dice-bearer, and her perplexing allies; his valiant kinsmen of the Éored; and Men of Gondor.
Deceased father: Redbrand of the Folde. Brother: Githbrand (now named Githris). Firstborn son: Redwick. Wife: Sifled
All enemies of the Mark, but he harbours a sense of pity and mercy for the Wild Men of Dunland.
His family, and his men; and tilling the good earth with his seasoned hands.
Wealas humour -he just can't fathom it.
To see the day where he may hang up his Captaincy and return to ploughing the earth; or to join his sires and win a good death for his wife and children.
"Sowing seeds of hope is my business as a ploughman before a Captain.''

Ceobrand's Adventures

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Ceobrand's Adventures

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Ceobrand's Gallery