Remis Locke

Name Remis
False Nobleman - Opportunistic Fortune Seeker - Spymaster of The Black Steel
2 Chestnut Street, Hamglen, Bree-land
Outward Appearance


Physical Appearance: Remis stands around six foot one inches tall supported by a regular though slightly toned build. He displays reasonably handsome features found in a young man of his age, sporting long blonde hair which is usually tied back into a neat ponytail. His eyes, said to be his most dominant feature are sky blue with many laughing lines about them. He is no stranger to a smile which he displays quite frequently, especially when demonstrating his favored dry-wit which is a regular occurrence. His voice resonates with a precise, well-spoken tone. One that might even deceive you into thinking he was of noble birth. 


Distinguishing Features: A small scar sits upon his right cheek which is plainly visible, despite his best efforts to hide it. His nose is also slightly crooked on the bridge, as if broken at some point in his life.


Education: Remis received an extensive education from his foster father, Trate Hawthorn of Lake-town. This included the reading of great literature, writing in a fine hand and ballroom etiquette. The latter was essential to his upbringing which he, begrudgingly; embraced from an early age.


Languages Spoken: Common


Preferred Choice of Weaponry: He usually only carries two weapons in the form of daggers, of which he is reasonably skilled with. He is also an accomplished  swordsman and has some minor skill in archery.


Special Abilities/Skills: Remis is an exceptional dancer, mastering the movement and appropriate customs of each race of Middle-Earth. He is also rather gifted with the fiddle, which he demonstrates often when the opportunity arises at parties. Other than his silver tongue which often causes the opposite to the desired effect, there is nothing particularly special about him.













A Portrait of Remis Locke. 

Drawn by the artist Witchingbones (Milawyn) in 2012


Remis Locke is a child of Esgaroth, born into a family who offered naught but neglect and hardship. His mother was a woman who clearly wasn't suited to parenthood, and his father abandoned them both promptly after his arrival. It was not long before his mother followed suit, leaving a malnourished and feral child roaming the streets seeking help which was seldom given. Caught stealing coin from a local merchant, the young Remis was due to be punished accordingly. This was prevented however by Trate Hawthorn, man of fine reputation in Lake-town who decided to take Remis into his home.

Having no family of his own, Trate took it upon himself to find and nurture children of unfortunate upbringings and mold them into something beyond themselves. As the proud owner of the respectable clothing business known as 'Thrice Lucky', he would teach the youngsters the art of tailoring and with it, the etiquette expected of a reputable gentleman. Secretly however, he tutored his flock in the ways of treasure hunting, taking them on difficult and often dangerous expeditions within the Dale-Lands. This was, in truth, the real source of wealth behind Hawthorn's name.

At the age of twenty-two, Remis decided to leave his foster family behind and seek his own fortune. Donning the best clothing Thrice Lucky had to offer, he made is way through towns and villages under the alias of Rufus Caswell, posing as a nobleman to gain favour with the rich and respectable but more importantly, the women. His schemes however seldom went according to plan, often putting him in embarrassing and rather compromising situations. 

Years later, Remis eventually found himself in Bree-Land. These were arguably the best years of his life, for he obtained a great number of friends and allies and even married a fine local woman by the name of Ofelie Whitesage. The experience he gained through his adventures in Eriador was invaluable, undoubtedly making him a better person for it. Nevertheless, sadly his fortune on this score did not last. Ofelie and Remis' marriage fell into disarray due to a series of unfortunate events. As a result, Remis left Bree-Land a broken man, swiftly falling back into his old ways.

Almost a decade later, Remis has now returned to Eriador to find the world he once knew has moved on without him. Having survived his grand scheme abroad, he now seeks to make an honest man of himself in the land he once called home.

Many in the making.
Trate Hawthorn (Foster Father) Ofelie Whitesage (Former Wife)
Hanshal Lowesmore I
Cheer, coin, women, risk-taking, danger, success, competitiveness, fine clothes, top hats, drinking and exploring.
Fighting, failure, authorities, interruptions and goats.
To seize every day as it comes, one step closer to fortune.
"Some make do with what little they have, I want something more."

Remis's Adventures

Remis's Adventures

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Remis's Gallery