Elloen Furinmír

Name Elloen
Scholar of Imladris
Born in the Second Age
Imladris, formerly Eregion
Outward Appearance

When he is first met, it is obvious that Elloen is a lordly Noldo. He is tall and a long, dark hair frames his pale, finely sculpted face. His robes and tunics are telling something about his preference towards luxuries and elven fashion. He looks at you intently with the accurate blue-grey eyes of an artist. Yet there is also, at times, a hurt written in them like he knows not to take luxury or anything else for granted.


Elloen is ⅛ Vanya and the rest of him is Noldo.


Elloen's father Fëaráto was Fëamíril's brother and a warrior with a burning flame of passion who once defended Gondolin. After Beleriand was but a memory under the sea he travelled for a while in different location until he met Sírewen, a lady who was known as wise and could calm him down and make him see the more serene side of life. In the Second Age they settled down in Eregion with a promise from Lord Celebrimbor that the Noldor could find peace there again.

For a good while they did and he felt happiness with his wife and brother by his side. His son Elloen Furinmír was born in 1663 of Second Age. As a child he had a smile that lit any room with ease and Fëaráto dearly wished it would remain that way. His name meant "There Is Victory" in "Hidden Gem" which meant knowledge, after Sírewen.

She discovered that Elloen was very fond of colours and directed his energy on the canvases of flax – indeed, he proved to have a steady hand and a visual memory to make an impression of places, faces, subtle hues and light and shadows to the greatest detail.

A few years after Fëamíril had moved to Lindórinand and rediscovered his love. His daughter Elvealin started to visit her cousin often and they grew almost like siblings. The bliss would have continued if not for the schemes of a fair lord called Annatar, soon to be revealed as Sauron.

Fëaráto, greatly upset by the betrayal went to the vanguard to meet the forces of the enemy, hoping that the resistance in Eregion against Sauron would still hold and knowing that Sauron had secretly divided the realm from the inside. He fell in the battle and the forces marched on towards Elloen's home where he and his mother waited in an eerie silence.

Elloen was left with a wound in his fëa when he witnessed the torture and death of Sírewen in the hands of orc assassins, a retaliation of being an obstacle to the forces trying to push their way to Celebrimbor. She guarded the secrets of Gwaith-i-Mírdain and did so even in her death.

Elloen was taken to the refuge of Imladris with little memory on how he got there, such was his state of shock. He was nearly passing away when he found himself in the arms of Elvealin, having her sisterly love and attention. He heard that Lord Elrond would keep him under his protection and he was fostered by one of his lore keepers.

In his elven adolescence of over thirty years old he started to learn their ways and he grew up to be Elrond's assistant in his library, much like his mother worked. He desired to return to painting but his wound made it impossible to paint with the colour red without feeling pain in his mind and body.

He did not return to it full time until the Third Age when he was painting again but painting with red caused him a visible wound on his neck and he could not hide his pain any longer. He knew that only one way existed to truly heal himself from the inside out: to face his past in the ruins of Eregion. With the help of his friends he managed, but not without nearly dying while being blinded by his rage.

With all hope he may be an oil painter again, and practice his art without the wound returning.

His epessë Turemmar was given by Raolor.

Father Fearáto and mother Sírewen (both parents deceased), uncle Feamiril and aunt Linnen, cousin ('sister') Elvealin
Lore, philosophy and visual art
Kinship, learning, overcoming hardships
For a long time I hid the wound in my fëa, but eventually one has to paint with the colours of pain to remember the blessings.

Elloen's Adventures

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Elloen's Adventures

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Elloen's Gallery