Elloen Furinmír

Name Elloen
Scholar of Imladris
Born in the Second Age
Imladris, formerly Eregion
Outward Appearance

At first one might notice the obvious characteristics of a Noldo about Elloen. His skin is pale and his hair is long, dark and rich, and his eyes shine with bluish tone of grey. He is tall and lordly, and rather likes to observe before he speaks. His face is handsome, stern and noble, but also has some softer features to it.

Despite his appearance, he is not born to a noble family, but his heritage is honorable nonetheless. He has lived in Rivendell for a long time and likes to wear green as the local Elves there, and red in the manner of Eregion. Some would call his clothing dandy, and indeed he is fond of good style, but he is not afraid of dirty work either, at least when there is honor involved.


Name meaning: Elloen ("there is victory") Furinmír ("in hidden gem")

Epessë: Turemmar (given by Raolor)

Place of birth: Eregion

Elloen was born for a mother who was known as wise, and a father who was a warrior. They marched through the Helcaraxë, but did not know each other yet. His father took part in many battles before he met his mother in Eregion, where she finally tamed him. After Elloen had born, it was clear to his parents that his talent is in the lore, as he showed great interest to all the knowledge around him.

"Elloen" was no doubt a name given by his father, foreseeing that he would continue the battle that his father once started, but in different ways. "Furinmir" was a name given by his mother, referring to the knowledge or wisdom with the hidden gem. He also showed good promise in the art of painting. The child grew happily in Eregion, loving his both parents greatly as they were ever present to teach him the different sides of being a Noldo.

Elloen admired Celebrimbor greatly, for his determination to change the fate of the House of Fëanor. But something in him said that Annatar was not to be trusted. His sense proved right when Eregion was assaulted when he was not yet grown to his full stature. His father joined the front lines of the battle, and was one of the first ones to fall. His mother was alone trying to protect her son, but being less experienced with using the weapons, she fell before his eyes while she told Elloen to hide himself.

If Elrond didn't come to Eregion's aid, Elloen would too have perished. His mother was avenged, and Elloen was taken to the safety of Rivendell, though because of his traumatic experience he doesn't remember how. There he has lived ever since, though darkness persisted in his mind for a long time, and he felt nothing but anger and sorrow without a will to live, until his uncle's family arrived from Lothlórien. Elvealin, who never felt the sorrows of war got him back into the light - little by little, step by step.

She visited him often back in the days, and they became close friends to the point where they called each other cousins no more, but rather as siblings. He decided that he did not want to waste the names that his parents gave him, and started spending days in Elrond's library, growing in full stature as his parents foresaw he would. He started to serve Lord Elrond, confessing his gratitude to him at last. By Elvealin's guidance, he also got interested in music.

Since then Elloen has tried to find the balance between the gift of his father, and the gift of his mother. Once in a while he protects the borders of Rivendell with his staff and sword, but most of the time he pursues for wisdom in the world of madness.

Father Fearáto and mother Sírewen (both parents deceased), uncle Feamiril and aunt Linnen, cousin ('sister') Elvealin
Lore, philosophy and music
Prejudices, stubborness over not forgiving others
Kinship, learning, overcoming hardships
'If we were to dwell in self pity for every mistake we made, what would that make us?'

Elloen's Adventures

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Elloen's Adventures

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Elloen's Gallery