Elvealin Lóriluin

Name Elvealin
Musician, composer, dancer and healer of fëa. Caun of Vanimar.
Born in the Second Age
Imladris (mostly), has a place in Lothlórien
Outward Appearance

With the first glance a tall elleth is seen with slender curves. Her defined face is framed with notably long, golden hair. Then she looks at you and you'll see her midnight blue eyes where a shimmer is reflected even from the faintest light and you hear her melodious, soothing voice. It seems like she is a reflection of her ancestors across the sea in the west, mysteriously ethereal.


Elvealin is half Sinda, ⅛ a Vanya and the rest of her is Noldo.


Elvealin's parents Fëamíril and Gilinnen first met during the War of Wrath, finding support from each other when both had to survive. They thought they had lost each other to the Halls of Mandos but Fëamíril held on to his hope and did not marry anyone else.

Much later he served Lady Galadriel in Eregion, acting as an emissary between her and King Amdír of Lindórinand, later known as Lothlórien. While doing so he found Gilinnen again by surprise and they did not want to leave each others' side.

Soon they married and Gilinnen was expecting a child. Laying by her side with his hand over her belly he saw a dream of blue shades and shimmering starlight with ever changing melodies. He wanted to name her after the dream: as Elvealin Lóriluin, "Starlike Song" from "Blue Shimmering Dream."

Elvealin was born in 1665 of the Second Age in Lindórinand and grew in an unspoiled land as a happy child. She was taught to sing and harp by her mother and her voice could be just as gentle and airy or powerful and resounding as hers. While Elvealin made an impression on strangers she showed how she's truly inside to those she is fond of, one down to earth with a sense of humor. Outside her shows she was always more private person who enjoyed their company.

She had no siblings but she was close to her cousin in Eregion, Elloen. She travelled back and forth with her father through Moria in its days of glory to see him when the world still was a safer place, but it was not to last.

Sauron had betrayed the Noldor in Eregion and had caused The One Ring to exist but also wanted the Three Rings of the Elves. He attacked Eregion and Elloen's parents had died violently. Elvealin was devastated and when she learned that Elloen had been taken to Imladris she also wanted to go there, but to do so she must go through the ruins of battle, with the smell of fresh blood still lingering in the air.

When she arrived, Elloen's spirit had already started to depart from his body out of shock and grief. Elvealin shed a tear and held him in her arms for a long time for comfort. He started to come back from the brink slowly. Fëamíril looked down at her and understood that his many lessons for her had not gone to waste. Elvealin and Elloen were both only entering adolescence in the elven years in their thirties and it seemed clear to him that Elvealin had been gifted with a skill of healing the fëa like himself.

They stayed long enough to make sure that Elloen would get along in Imladris and departed back to Lindórinand where lady Galadriel now dwelled. As she grew to her full stature she served Galadriel like her father but as a lady-in-waiting. She felt very humbled and honored doing so, learning much from her presence alone.

She had time to learn the art of crafting jewels. Her passionate voice echoed in song from the telain of the mellyrn. She was a very skilled harpist and had loved the instrument dearly. She composed her own songs since she felt music very deeply, not only as the echo of the Music of Ainur but a language that all can understand.

She could dance in a willowy and graceful way in the unstained lands in no small thanks to Galadriel, whatever dangers awaited outside the borders. Yet she also felt like a caged songbird when the roads were closed, with her blood of Noldor that tends to crave for learning something new.

Eventually she followed Elloen to Imladris again and found her new home there, along with new paths. She is currently the Lady of the Harp order in Vanimar.

Mother and father Gilinnen and Fëamíril (living in Forlindon), cousin (calls as a brother) Elloen
Inner peace, her friends and her House
Family, music and essence of the elven beauty
The Music of the Ainur ever nurtures our spirits. Never let its enchanting echoes fall silent, for life is found in the beauty of sound.

Elvealin's Adventures

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Elvealin's Adventures

Elvealin's Gallery

Elvealin's Gallery