Elvëalin Lóriluin

Name Elvealin
Minstrel of Caras Galadhon
Born in the Second Age
Caras Galadhon, Imladris
Outward Appearance

Elvëalin is an elven maid of a mixed descent. She is an elleth of mysterious, ethereal beauty. Her eyes are the hues of dark sapphire, and highly expressive. Her hair is golden, fine but thick. She has shown a great talent for music from an early age, and when she starts with the music which is her first love, she will let her voice fly high and low, and lets it be heard by all.


She prefers to wear the tones of white and blue in the manner of Laurelindórenan, though after settling in Imladris she also started to wear more colours. It is quite easy to say at a glance that she is not a warrior, but a bard. Her mother is a Sinda and her father is a Noldo, and her personality matches them both. While she's calm and collected most of the time, her Noldorin blood may make her restless in the other situations.


Name meaning: Elvëalin ("starlike song") Lóriluin ("from blue shimmering dream")
Place of birth: Laurelindórenan
Elvealin's parents met when Celeborn and Galadriel were yet living in Eregion, but had started to form ties to Laurelindórenan. They wed there and Elvealin's father started to run the Lord's and Lady's day-to-day affairs. He stayed there ever since with his wife, after Eregion's destruction and after the Lord and Lady decided to settle in the realm.
Elvealin's father is a Noldo once crossed the Grinding Ice, and he is a master of lore, a jewel smith and a keeper of many ancient tomes. His grandmother - and also his brother's - is a Vanya who married a Noldo when the two clans of Eldar yet lived happily together in Tirion of Aman. When he was told by her Sindarin mother who was a singer that she was expecting a child, he saw a strange and enchanting dream which was made of blue shades and shimmering starlight, and in the dream he heard a song.
He took it as a sign and as his daughter was born, he named her according to the dream. When she was growing she felt the music very strongly inside, and became a talented musician and dancer, and she inherited her voice from her mother, who also is a singer. From his father she inherited the interest of making jewellery and other things of beauty.
She later became one of the handmaidens of Lady Galadriel, filling goblets of white mead, and every once in a while playing a song or dancing, being both a servant and a performer, learning various things along the way. Her loyalty and the many long years of beholding the light of Lady Galadriel which was told to be from the Two Trees also affected her. Her eyes were filled with shimmering starlight and her face with subtle passion, and thus the meaning of her name and her father's dream were fulfilled.
Since she had lived her life in safety without great tragedies affecting her overly much because of her protective parents, she has always held on to hope, and for a Second Age Elf she feels quite youthful. She has also tried to share her hope with the others, and growing around her father and Telpenaro made her curious and thoughtful, trying her best to understand the minds and power of the elves who have seen much tragedy and still carry on.
When she heard the great misfortune of her cousin Elloen, she felt compassion for him and and she wanted her father to take her in Rivendell. Thus she became closer with him, even to the point of calling Elloen her brother. She was the only child of her family, and Elloen was the first one to call her "sister", and she then became used to the idea. After Celebrían was assaulted, her family understood that the road was not safe anymore, and her visits became fewer, but Elloen was now recovering, being able to make it on his own.
During the years after, she was studying of the jewel crafting of Noldor, and came to think of how to combine it and her fondness of melody. She came up with an idea to make eight different bells of crystal, each representing the great Elven dwellings of Middle-Earth and Beleriand. Together they would make a full scale in melody, being able to play a song when using them altogether. When one would hear the bells, they could feel less homesick for the places.
If or when she decides to sail into the west, she would take them with her as a memory. She has practiced her craft in Rivendell, staying in the valley, and because she knew that her work would take a long time. That's why she decided to stay in the House of  Vanimar where Elloen already was, helping the house with what she has learned, and the best she may.
Father Feamiril and mother Gilinnen (living in Lórien), uncle Fearáto and aunt Sírewen (both dead), cousin ("brother") Elloen
Music and lore
Prejudices, stubborness over not forgiving others
Kinship, family, crafting with gems
"I only wish to have an echo of Middle-Earth when we depart to Aman."

Elvealin's Adventures

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Elvealin's Adventures

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Elvealin's Gallery