Dorini Applepeel

Name Dorini
Cook, and Minstrel
Michel Delving
People of the Shire
Outward Appearance

orini is a young hobbit lass ,with a joyful, merry, and slightly feisty appearance towards others.


Her red-brown hair is considered short among some of the elderly hobbits. But she would never care about what some of the grumpier folk say or think.


Her eyes are turquoise, like most of the Applepeel's women's eyes are. And they always show a tiny little glow. Especially when she looks at something or someone. A loved one, a friend, a special kind of food...who knows...Only by seeing yourself you can understand.


Her smile can bring a storm of laughter and joy to others, and makes people always forget their worries, and their sorrows. Almost like if her smile replaced it, made it go away magically, and only happiness remains. Perhaps that is why she worked a while in the Green Dragon, after a very strange case of missing kegs (she still denies that she ever took one)


Even though her last name, Applepeel, has nothing to do with the fact that she is a cook, you will probably find her near an oven, making apple and cheese pie.



orini pplepeel.

Born in Brockenborings, but raised in Michel Delving, was never really what her father expected her to be.

ften refereed to as the black sheep of the family, she has a way of getting herself in the most funny and awkward, and sometimes dangerous situations. Adventure was never really on her dinner plan, but adventure was just always waiting for her.

Her mother, one of the best known cooks in the shire, only known by some of the older folk as 'Miss Pan', disappeared when she was still little.

Of course Dorini, and her big sister always poked her father about why, and where their mother left. But their fathers lips were sealed. Never speaking of it. Rumour is, she went to the elves, to find the perfect pie recipe (a long lost mystery recipe, only known to the Applepeel's)

ears later of course, they both set out to search for her, but with different methods.

Dorini, always stopped on their way to adventure for a pie,a story to tell and song to play. Lynthia always went right ahead, often ending at a mountain wall(not a problem, because Dorini made her some food rations to eat).

On her travels, to the longshank towns, one that still sounds like cheese, she met many other adventurers. Even a friendly, but mighty swordsman.
They became friends, even though at first it was probably because of his excellent taste in pie(having always one for her with him surely helped to seal the bond of friendship).

ut the most interesting, cheeky, sneaky, and lovable character she met on her small little adventurous trips was another hobbit. Stealing food, pies, ale, pipeweed, shiny things for her, and giving her for the first time in her!

Her heart was instantly his.

The name of that sneaky lad, Tolmac Knifewise.

Now they are like bread and peanut butter, always together.

Problem is now of course, twice the trouble always awaits them on their travels.

ome folk say, they even made it into the mystery elf city of rivendell....So hide your food fancy elves and lock your kitchens......hobbits might be around!

Lynthia, Violeena
Trolls, Goblins, Pie thieves! (except when she is one)
Pie and Music! And Tolmac!
Hate is a strong word....I hate that!
To bring the best pie to all the lands...or just the shire.
'Everything is better with pie!'

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Dorini's Adventures

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Dorini's Gallery