Intius Strix

Name Intius
Accursed Insomniac-Charmer-Wealthy-Recluse
"Twenty...four? Give or take one year lower or one or two higher."
Currently residing in Bree
Outward Appearance

Meet Intisu Strix. Baring a crown of well brushed, shaggy orange hair down to his shoulders, and a pair of pale amber eyes that get lost in the sea of his pale skin. A deep and obvious scar runs diagonally along the bridge of his nose, and his angular jaw is covered in a well kept stubble of ginger. He glints well brushed teeth, and his skin radiates cleanliness. Standing tall at six foot four, and with a slender, but clearly athletically capable build, he cuts an imposing but charming figure. Not too lean, not lanky, full formed. 

The scent of baked goods wafts off of him. His lips curl into a seemingly permanent lopsided smile, as if amused but not jovial, and his eyelids linger lazily over his eyes. He wears cheap clothing, often of dark colors, appearing to have been self mended many times.This is offset often but either a colorful cloak that can and often does wrap fully around him, of either dark red or orange. A coat sometimes substitutes this. Though his hands are covered in fingerless gloves nearly always to keep his palms warm, his bony fingers are well kept, as are his slightly long nails. Much like the rest of him, he is clean.

Many small and separate coin purses are secured tightly to his belt, which holds an inner pocket on the front to fit something small and thin. There he keeps a tarnished golden hued coin. One side of this coin appears empty. Along his belt are also at any time, one or two alarmingly long daggers, curved as if for hunting, with hand guards as if for fighting. He wears boots, but his footsteps often make no noise.


Intius is clear on his backstory. May as well be honest, right?


Intius was born with congenital insensitivity to pain and anhydrosis. This was problematic, as his inability to feel pain is risky for a young boy with plenty of trees to climb. A learned Gondorian informed them of this when he fell on a brance that impaled him, and did not feel it. Alongside this, Intius has had troubles sleeping since he was four. As a young boy born on a road in Rohan to his flame haired mother of Dale, he traveled a lot. His father had ducked out on him, and his mother, deep in love, allegedly spent the first ten years of his life chasing the man. Intius' father carved a path of harm, knowing his healer mother would assist, and slow her. Intius's mother worked herself to death in this way. The last year of her life she was sick, and he took care of her.

On his own in Gondor, he was often bullied and harassed by a group of older street urchins, who treated him not unlike their property. They carved their initials on his feet. This, like other pains, did not hurt him. This, however, sparked his obsession with being clean, causing him to obsessively bathe at least twice a day. Intius grew from the age of ten until he was fourteen, as a young tom-cat character. Finding flirting the only way to control conversation with young maidens, he was chasing skirts at even that young.

At fourteen, his affection went to one very special girl. Her name was Syllara, Syll. They grew close, as friends first, then irresponsible teenagers. Intius did not worry of fatherhood, two years off fooling about had proved him impervious, until it didn't. Syll was pregnant at sixteen, only a season or two younger than he. Her family disowned her in shame, and they lived poor.

Starving, broke, with a baby on the way, Intius and Syll turned to petty thievery. While she was often clumsy and even left apology letters, Intius hit his stride and found his talent. Eventually, a large score settled them for two years, and they moved away and began to raise their son comfortable, as Intius began to learn to craft jewelry. 

At eighteen, Syll and Intius were hunted down by the large score that had set them up. He returned to their corpses, and his life took a nosedive. Suddenly, after the disappearance of the nobleman who had his family killed, Intius ceased to be spotted in the Gondor area. Since then he worked for himself honestly in the day, and stole by night. He began to amass wealthy and study crafts, being everything from a barber to a cook to a jeweler. He chased skirts, but remained honest that his intention was purely non committal. 

Following a series of unhappy and alarming dreams, Intius made his way to Bree, having amassed wealth with no source, seemingly, even without so much as picking a pocket for months. The dreams fought his reality, and this time...he would do something different.




He's making some!
Seems to have none!
Life's too short for such things, probably.
Sleep would be lovely.
Lack of reciprocity does not garner continued attention.

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