gwentilda mudbotton

Name Gwentilda
shes usually found around rivers and streams and lives in the shire
Outward Appearance

gwentilda mudbottom...

gwentilda comes from the hidden valley of Lyndelby in misthollow... where she would run about doing everything to make people happy

(growing up)... growing up was a living nightmare for Tilda as she would wake up, get dressed, and head out everywhere to do farm work and different chores...

(life on a farm)...  Tilda, had to grow many things before the winter came in and frosted everything... in the meantime of also trying to keep up with all of her chores on the farm...

(finally starting a life)... when she was about 19 she then decided to set off on an adventure of her own to prove to her wicked mother that she was not a failure and that she could accomplish something... though she did NOT know the dangers that awaited...

(life in the shire?)... well this would be an interesting topic as shes never quite been to the shire EVER in her life... but I guess new things come to make a better life...

with all that said.... tilda has been a working girl for most of her life... but that does not stop her from being her pretty self

(hair)... black
(eyes)... teal green
her skin is a copper brown and her face is dressed with freckles...

she normally wears a blue dress and a red headband that her nana gave her... and shes about 30 in age

and that really all that's needed to know about Tilda :-)

PS... if she doesn't like you she will most likely call you a donkey face

oh and last but not least (i swear this the last thing)... tilda is a bit shy around new folks


just a girl who grew up on a farm

did she ever mention she LOVES sausage rolls?

Royzenberry and everyone of her kin
her nana, 3 brothers, mom and her dad (deceased)
annoying hobbits and annoying people
her friends, music, pie, sausage rolls (obviously), and a river-folk named arnhard
annoying donkey faced people, and her mom
to find her true meaning of life and maybe even someone who loves her
"i say we kick that donkey faced dumdum"

Gwentilda's Adventures

Gwentilda's Adventures

Gwentilda's Gallery

Gwentilda's Gallery