Faethuil of The Dúnedain

Name Faethuil
Esteldin, wandering around North Downs and other lands
Outward Appearance

Very tall man with medium dark black and straight hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, dark grey, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon his lips with no expression, but he still appears to be a very trustworthy person. 


He is the master of blades. His favored weapons are mostly daggers and swords which he loves to dual wield but he also has his ways with bows. He is an excellent fighter, using his force and skills to break weaker iron armor or chain mail.


Armour and appearance:

Faethuil's armor and appearance depends purely on the situation he finds himself in. However, he just started his journey and duty as a ranger and mostly can be seen in garbs suiting such individuals. 

- Horses:
Calangil is a dark horse that is very loyal to Faethuil and supports him whenever he calls for him. It is a massive animal.

- Other:

Arendil, message hawk raised by both Faethuil and his father Faerollas.


Faethuil was born long after the fall of the Northern Kingdoms. On 19st day of Nínui on the year 3000 of The Third Age as a descendant of the Legendary bloodline of the Dúnedain. Others of his kindred were already scattered around the lands of Eriador, creating and settling in a small villages or living in the forests at the camps. There, in Esteldin the hidden city of the Rangers the story of Faethuil begins. It was also where the Forngarmo, one of the fiercest warriors and Faerollas, one of the Captains decided to marry each other. Not long after the decission they fullfilled their marriage, settled in and gave birth to their eldest son, Faethuil. The boy's heritage remained secret to him even when he reached the age of eighteen. Forngarmo was waiting for him to finish his training to reveal the truth to her son, keeping him safe from any harm that may come. From his early years Faethuil was trained and learned how to fight with various weapons. He mastered using of the blades and learned the basics of survival and tracking.
Recently, he has reached the age of 25 and his real purpose was revealed to him. Now, Faethuil follows his parents' footsteps and fulfills his duty while also keeping an eye on his younger sister, Fornelen. 

His Kindred
Mother: Forngarmo, Father: Faerollas, Sisters: Fornelen and Forntirith
Servants of the Enemy
Nature, his kindred and family
Servants of the enemy
Following in his father's footsteps as a ranger and guardian of the North
"Mhm. This would be interesting..."

Faethuil's Adventures

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Faethuil's Adventures

Faethuil's Gallery

Faethuil's Gallery