Vóreonecel Amathlan of Lindon

Name Voreonecel
Servant of the Light - Warrior - Seeker of Artifacts and Curio
The Sanctuary of Imladris
Outward Appearance



Pronounciation: Vóreo-necel (Quenya translation: 'Enduring Thorn')


Physical Appearance: Before you stands an Elf, both tall and broad in build displaying all customary traits of one of the Sindar. Dark in hair and pale in complexion, he walks with a confident and purposeful stride but by no means comes across as arrogant. On the contrary, he is as quick in wit as he is with a blade, albeit it often dry and sarcastic, as is his nature. The Elf has sparkling blue eyes, said to grow brighter based upon his mood, which is of course nonsense. Age has not yet touched upon his fair features, for he is not yet as old as most of his kin. To say that he was handsome would be an adequate statement, for in all the battles in which he has fought he has been quite fortunate by evading any damage to his person. In short, although a fierce adversary upon the battlefield, the Elf is by all intents and purposes a friendly and approachable sort. 


Titles: His kin and close friends often refer to the Quenya translation of his name, which is 'Enduring Thorn', in honour of his many deeds in battle and constant harassment of the enemies of the Free People.


General Attire: Vóreonecel casually wears long robes, both white and dark purple in colour, covered with a decorative chain mail to represent his warrior station. However, when in battle he wears a burnished gold set of armour matched with an ashenslade green cloth beneath. He wears this with pride for it has served him well over the many years and has never yet faltered him.


Education: Born and raised in Lindon and occasionally journeying to the Vale of Imladris in his youth, Vóreonecel had the privilege and honour of being taught by Elves of great reputation in the learned art of lore. This undoubtedly fueled his passion for history and fine art, often dabbling in the collection of antiquities and curios found on his travels.


Languages Spoken: Sindarin, Partial Quenya, Westron and Khuzdul


Preferred Choice of Weaponry: Vóreonecel is armed with a fine Elvish blade, crafted by his kin within the western land of Lindon. The sword in question has fine golden patterning upon its handle and pommel, spreading onto the base of the blade itself. With it, he wields a magnificent shield, bright in both silver and gold that is said to blind his foes on the battlefield. Both have seen conflict, and are well maintained by their owner.


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Very little is known about Vóreonecel’s younger years, which is entirely of his own making. It is well known that he is a mighty warrior, who has fought in many battles spanning across the centuries; a formidable foe against the Enemy. However, in terms of his parents, family and siblings there is barely a jot on record to draw upon. When asked to give some insight into his youth, he would become evasive and immediately try to change the subject to avoid answering. That which is known, is that he hails from the Elven region of Lindon. There he was under the tutelage of the scholars and masters of lore who offered a satisfactory education; deemed by most as a very promising pupil. Were he raised in a time of peace, he would have undoubtedly made a fine scholar himself. Nevertheless, peace was a fleeting thing during the many years of his life. War came and went as frequently as the rainfall.

Proving himself in several campaigns against the Enemy, he took to the battlefield with sword and shield and slew many foes in the name of his kin, country and the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. He took great pride in this, for he was more than competent as a warrior, however far from overconfident and vicious. To Vóreonecel, conflict was inevitable, for the wheel of warfare continued to turn and history tended to repeat itself. He did not enjoy fighting, nor did he take much pleasure in taking life. However, when that ‘life’ threatens to corrupt, enslave and destroy all that he and his people hold dear, it is something he simply could not ignore. As such, when summoned to fight alongside his kin, he would ride into the fire without question.

Within the War of the Ring, Vóreonecel once more answered the call. The Witch King of Angmar had turned his gaze to Eriador and chaos rained down upon all fronts. The Elves of Lindon were spread thin, as were all races at this time. He helped where he could and fought valiantly, however the sorry state of the world began to weigh heavily on his heart. It is of course natural for one who has seen so much bloodshed to grow battle-weary. He began to almost envy mortal kind, for he believed a longer life was not by any means a better one. For loss, grief and devastation unfolded before his very eyes, something he has initially grown to ignore. The sorrow of his people who, in turn, had begun leaving Middle-Earth. Nevertheless, he resisted the call to the sea and remained at his post, standing firm and refusing to yield against the dark tide that swept across the land.

Weary of war and death, yet blessed with a cast-iron resolve, he continues to fight for it is all that he knows. He will not rest until evil and corruption is banished from Middle-Earth, which in his heart of hearts he knows is a fool’s hope. Is that enough for him to desert his post? Would he abandon the innocent to be harassed and tormented by those with ill intentions? Not in his lifetime and the lifetimes that follow.

Fangion, Faeleth, Vaela, Zvelgia, Leandro, Iorvas, Aelruil and many more in the making.
Very little is known of his personal life, for very little is shared in that regard.
The Enemy and all those who follow, or have followed him.
Vóreonecel is a lover of fine literature, song and nature. He takes great pride in his collection of antiquities which he is often open to share with anyone who is interested.
He has little time for those who deem themselves superior to others; be it people or creatures of nature. In that aspect, he abhors industry in all forms.
To rid the lands of corruption in any way he can.
"I appreciate your candor"

Voreonecel's Adventures

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Voreonecel's Adventures

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Voreonecel's Gallery