Rastko the Vagabond

Name Rastko
Traveller, rumoured to have ties to the Rangers
Young Man
Wanderer with a modest hideout somewhere in the North
Outward Appearance

This masked man is an owner of a pair of some decently jaded eyes. By the looks of his eyes alone, you are not entirely sure if he is a veteran of multiple wars or simply a veteran of life. For what you know, he could be both, but that hardly matters. He does seem to be heavily armed, though, and quite unotrhodoxly at that. He is usually seen carrying a greatsword, a greatbow, a light pack, and some javelins on his back. He even has some kind of an ornate parrying dagger loosely hanging about on the side of his right boot at all times. But why, then, is a quiver full of arrows missing? Oh, my! You don't mean to tell me that he hurls those javelins from that greatbow?!


He is clad mostly in red and dark colours; parts of his armour coming from somewhat strange, noticeably different, quite distant, and altogether foreign lands. You aren't exactly sure where on earth do many of these things even come from. Does this mean he is another one of those wandering sorts? If so, he has indubitably traveled far, and possibly even wide.


Of all his paraphernalia, memorabilia, insignia, miscellanea, and regalia (of which by the way he had none, since he was certainly not royalty), your eyes seem drawn to a few runes on his black leggings. There, sewn in red, you can discern a single word: Forodwaith. A peculiar fellow, indeed.



A Humble Vagabond

"I'm just a humble roving ranger, mayhaps a ranging rover - or even a vagabond, if you so prefer - at your service!" - these are the words with which you are most likely to be greeted if you happen to inquire about this man from himself.

In truth, he is not a man of too many words, holding that deeds should do much of our speaking. In spite of that, he developed quite a taste for deep knowledge of how the world and things in it work, no matter how big or small. To a degree, he owes this to a pivotal friendship, and a great deal of time spent with a young Elf he befriended in the wilderness of the North, during one of the war campaigns. Some of his favourite subjects are history, along with battle strategy, and even more so - tactics.


The North

He is not the one to enjoy speaking about his past too much either. He was barely of age when he climbed the ranks to the Sergeant of the Guard thanks to his fierceness and cunning in skirmishes against the forces of Angmar. Not four moons after that, many of his friends-from-the-north, comrades, and soldiers from his troop got captured, viciously tortured and killed during a night raid. In retribution, he was quite notorious for a time for using the same - some would say even worse - tactics as the enemy.

His victories eventually grew, but so did his infamy and rumours of bloodlust, reaching even the top brass of Glân Vraig. Higher commanders did not exactly approve of this "dirty warfare". Despite countless reprimands and rebukes, he stayed for a short while longer.

He left the front lines of the Ettenmoors soon enough, though, turning instead to mercenary work and bounty hunting to quench his thirst for vengeance, and even make some coin along the way. Truth to be told, he quite enjoyed testing his arms along with his wit for a time. He travelled countless leagues - north, east, south, and west - and at some point even became known in certain parts of Eriador as The Vagabond Swordsman.


Further On Up The Road

A long and gruelling decade has passed, of which more than a half he had spent in the open wilderness, and beneath the shimmering night sky of Arda. All that time, along with the friendship of a particular wandering Elf going by the name of Werfollow had undoubtedly made him wiser, if only a little. Although an experienced traveller and warrior indeed, he was still a young Man, with much more to learn of the world.



Werfollow, Venniron
Brothers: Rastadan, Rastang
"Sorrowful Elven music and strong pipe-weed"
"Trolls, Orcs, and unsound commands"
Travelling, making coin by bounty-hunting, mercenary work, and raiding enemy camps
"We are surrounded on all sides. This is excellent - we can attack in every direction!"

Rastko's Adventures

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Rastko's Adventures

Rastko's Gallery

Rastko's Gallery