Name Elisende
Young adult
The Angle
Outward Appearance

A young woman who looks to be about 20, though she is actually in her early 30s. She is tall with long dark hair usually kept practically up. Her grey eyes are grave, and she has a simple silver band on her finger. She also wears a pin with a device of two crossed Elven blades given her by Ruadan. 

She wears a knife that could be either a purely practical travel knife or a small weapon, though she does not carry herself like a warrior. 
Her accent in either Westron or Sindarin could be recognised by those familiar with the people as belonging to the Northern Dúnedain. 


Elisende grew up on stories of the past, Elven lore, tales of Númenor and Arnor, and the more recent history of the Dúnedain from her mother and grandmother. Of a curious mind, she spent her young adult years haunting libraries as far as Esteldin, seeking to grow the knowledge of her people. 

However, one great adventure began when she was back home in her village. The Ranger Alphdir returned from years abroad, now a fully fledged ranger in his own right. By the river under the stars, they spoke of their hopes and dreams, her desire to learn and preserve their history, he of his love for the people of Eriador and their persistent strength. 

Shortly after their marriage, he was sent out again, on a short reconnaissance mission to Dunland. She stayed in the Angle, managing their small farm, but when a year had come and gone with no word it became clear that something had happened to prevent his return. 

She told her family of her resolve to seek information about his whereabouts in the greater Bree area, but told none of her full purpose—to seek him, all the way to Dunland if necessary. 

She tarried a brief while in Bree, scouring the library and questioning travellers about Dunland, learning what little of the language she could find, and now is on the road again heading south. 

Glirwing, Thurintier, Ellisiadora
Her husband, stories and lore, seeking knowledge, music, flowers, the river.
To learn, especially the history of the Dúnedain, though she has started to find an interest in other cultures and languages. To find her missing Ranger husband.
Look! It's similar to the designs we saw in Dol Ernil though the shapes are different... is it significant? What, are there more orcs?

Elisende's Adventures

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Elisende's Adventures

Elisende's Gallery

Elisende's Gallery