Name Aelwynna
Young adult
Outward Appearance

With a willowy and slender build, she moves with a grace reminiscent of the wind-swept plains of Rohan. Her auburn hair cascades like a silken river to her waist. Small braids are scattered throughout, to remind her of her Rohirrim heritage. 


Her pale complexion contrasts strikingly with her bright blue-green eyes. These eyes, though radiant, often hold a shadowed, haunted expression, suggesting they have borne witness to far more than one might want to fathom.

The maiden's attire consists of a long green dress in Rohan fashion, topped by a slightly tattered hooded cloak in a slightly lighter hue. This cloak, reminiscent of the garb worn by rangers of the North, provides her not just cover from the elements but also a semblance of anonymity and protection from prying eyes.

Yet beneath this protective layer lies a stark reminder of a painful past. When the fabric shifts or is removed, one might catch a glimpse of long scrawling lines of Black Speech etched like tattoos upon her hands, arms, legs, and back. These dark markings are something she desperately tries to keep concealed, wary of the judgment or fear they might provoke in others.


In Rohan's vast plains, Calendir -- a traveling merchant of Gondor -- encountered a strong-willed maiden, Éolande of Aldburg. Drawn by love and the promise of a prosperous life, they settled in the towering citadel of Minas Tirith. Here, their daughter Aelwynna came into being. In her upbringing, Aelwynna was nurtured between two worlds -- the strong-willed valiant riders of the Mark, and the proud men of Gondor who stood firm against the shadow. Yet in an age where shadows deepened across Middle-Earth, this peaceful life was fleeting. The White Wizard, now tainted by darkness, glimpsed Aelwynna in his treacherous palantír. A vision he beheld: a young child, born of horse and tower, whose heart could bear the weight of ancient runes and forgotten spells, which could assist with growing his shadow ever longer and darker. With his web of spies, he orchestrated her capture, drawing the youngling into the heart of Isengard. Amidst the cold walls of Isengard, Aelwynna found herself ensnared in chains not just of iron, but of dark and ancient magic. The White Wizard etched her with runes of old, bending her spirit to his will. Forced to use her abilities to spread darkness and destruction, she became an unwilling weapon in Saruman's treacherous plots for years to come.

Yet, deep within, the tales of her lineage stirred: the valor of Rohan and the resolve of Gondor kindled a flame of resistance. Salvation came unexpectedly one day when a group of rangers caused a distraction within the fortress to free one of their own. Seizing her chance, Aelwynna escaped into the vast wilderness and has been wandering ever since. Haunted by the dark years of torment and the evils she inflicted, Aelwynna vowed to use her skills to heal, aiding those wounded by the dark tide of war. While the scars of Orthanc and the taint of black magic haunt her steps, Aelwynna hopes to mend what was once broken by shadow and deceit. Each being she aids becomes a step towards mending her own soul, as she seeks to counteract the shadows of her past with acts of light and compassion.

To counteract the shadows of her past with acts of light and compassion.

Aelwynna's Adventures

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Aelwynna's Adventures

Aelwynna's Gallery

Aelwynna's Gallery