Name Gelilthor
Born in FA 309
Outward Appearance

Gelithor is average height for Noldo. She moves with the natural grace of a dancer, though her arms show the strength of a smith. Her dark grey eyes glint with a mischievous and curious light, and her hair is the light blonde of her half-Vanyar mother. 


Merry and unwearying of dancing beneath the trees of Imladris, Gelilthor is one of those elves that dwarves would probably find quite silly at first glance. Yet she is a skilled smith, and formidable with a spear, and has a joyous delight in exploring the lands around Imladris, riding beneath the starlight.


She was born in FA 309 in Nargothrond, and learned smith craft alongside the people of Bëor, teaching them as her skills grew. Her mother name was Liltare, and her father name Vorondiel Her family was fiercely loyal to Finrod Felegund, and her brother begged to go with him when he left to aid Beren, but wasn't a warrior and so was left behind.

She fought in the battle on Tumhalad, against all advice, for she was better at making weapons than wielding them. She was wounded, and taken from the field by her brother, a healer. Her father fell in the battle, but her mother escaped from Nargothrond.


After Nargothrond fell, they made their way to Doriath, and for a few short years, she guarded the edges of Doriath. At the second kinslaying, she tried to protect those fleeing the destruction, and almost lost her life at the hands of one of Maedhros's warriors. At the last moment, another elf came in and distracted the captain, urging Gelilthor to go back and continue to protect the refugees. This she did, though torn between desire to continue her duty to protect those fleeing, or help him. 


After the defeat of the havens at Sirion, Gelilthor joined Gil-Galad, and made weapons for his army. After the war of wrath, her mother and brother sailed West. Her mother had long repented of the exile, and rued bitterly leaving Valinor, and her brother was weary of war. But Gelilthor was not yet weary of Middle Earth, and desired yet to explore it's mysteries. She was optimistic that now that Morgoth was defeated, the creativity of the elves would know no bounds.


She visited Eregion from 850-900 of the second age, also spending time in Khazad-Dum, but this was her highest point of hubris and artistic individualism. Not content to be a lesser smith in Eregion, she returned to Lindon, and spent most of her energy crafting, experimenting and mining alone for months at a time. However, eventually her desire to grow in skill overtook her desire to be the best, and as she heard of the amazing acchievements of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain under the tutelage of Annatar she contemplated moving back to Eregion. But the High King's words of warning about him detered her, barely.


When Elrond went east to help the elves of Eregion, she was eager for action, and sought permission to join his army. During the early days of Imladris, she laboured with her metalwork not only to supply the army, but to use her craft to help make Rivendell a beautiful haven.


During the third age she has spent much time with the dwarves of the blue mountains, trading ore and supplies, and sharing smithying techniques, (although anything she has learned from them, they are  largely unaware of sharing.) She lives in Imladris, but spends a lot of time wandering the Trollshaws and Misty Mountains.


Rumors of darkness grow, and she is found oft in the company of the Dunedain, aiding them as she can. For the first time she finds herself drawn to the sea, although her deep love for Rivendell and Middle Earth ensures she is in no hurry to leave.


She is prone to randomly ranting about her work and asking for artistic advice from anyone unfortunate enough to be around her when she has her mind on a project. It took her nearly five minutes to actually look up and realise she was talking to the elf who nearly killed her back in Doriath, because she was too busy thinking about a helmet design. 

While she is generous, curious, and friendly, especially towards mortals, she is proud and swift to anger. She has a weakness for baked goods, has twice gotten thrown out of dwarf forges by offending them with her joking manner, and is prone to dealing with strong emotions by reciting Quenya poetry.


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Characters might know of her, or know her if they are

Smiths based in Rivendell, originally from Nargothrond, or who were in Lindon in the 2nd age.

Elven scouts and Wardens around Imladris, 


Dwarves of Thorin's Hall, especially craftsmen))

Cellinbor, Radorneth, Glirwing, Earonros
Glirwing (Cousin)
Smithying, exploring, meeting new people and seeking to understand their ways, good tales, and the trees of Rivendell.
Those who would seek to destroy what is beautiful, servants of the enemy.
To create and craft beautiful things, preserve the beauty of Middle Earth and the works of the elves as long as possible, to teach mortals elvish craft, and aid the Dunedain against the shadow.
"I would rather fall defending this land then flee to safety across the sea."

Gelilthor's Adventures

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Gelilthor's Adventures

Gelilthor's Gallery

Gelilthor's Gallery