'Ned', Pilgrim of the Forest, Taurrandir

Name Taurrandir
Outdoorsman, 'caravan guard'.
Seemingly middle-aged
Outward Appearance

A relatively solemn and silent individual wearing a distinct yet unchanged outfit, "Ned" stands at a respectable six-foot-one-inch tall. He wears a wrinkled brown leather gambeson hiding a veil of thin, once intricately forged yet presently rusted chain mail that alas has seen better years. Thick leather straps hold the chest piece together, though his overall attire appears to be somewhat tested by the tribulations of the grandest master of them all; time.

The brown leather that his gambeson is fashioned out of is creased and wrinkled in many spots, the chain mail tucked underneath it missing some patches of chain link as if they were chipped and torn away from the force of impact. He bears a rather heavy-looking shoulder pad perpetually perched on one of his lateral, the heavy chunk of metal bearing a few chips and dents from blunt and sharp objects alike. His left gauntlet contrary to the rest of his outfit is in near pristine condition, giving valuable insight in to what the assortment could have looked upon more favourable times; articulate designs etched and chipped into the metal, mostly associated with nature, particularly branches and leaves all surrounding an ordinary looking tree enveloped in their midst.

On the other hand [quite literally] his right gauntlet bears evident signs of damage and disrepair, whatever was once there was lost in time, the leather straps that once held it together replaced with a lean yet formidable complex comb of ropes tied around his forearm.

A sorry mess, it is, but it is at least somewhat practical and presentable, albeit telling of his many years spent in the hardships of the road and the wilderness.

Through the specks of dirt and mud one thing shines ever true; a white star woven into his shoulder mantle with thick thread, the only thing one could truly say is 'fancy' about his garments His beard is scruffy and unkempt, though not as long as his graying hair. 'Ned' appears to be a man nearing the twilight of his youth, middle-aged and graying, though the mix of jet black and gray gives off more of a silvery hue mixed into the darkness of his messy hair. His visage bears signs of fatigue and restlessness, some wrinkles creasing on his cheeks, though they are not prevalent enough to overinflate his age. Surprisingly, his profile is devoid of any visible marks or scars.


Not much is known about the man that goes by "Ned".  A solitary and laconic figure, many seem to recall "old Ned" sporadically visiting Bree across the better part of half a decade.

Due to his evidently cagey and reserved personality, the backstory and chronicles of "Ned" will be gradually revealed through posting on this website -- as well as through interactions and roleplaying with the character itself.

Whilst he tries to maintain a friendly attitude with all he comes across, he seems to hold Brynleigh and Greengrove in high regard.
Not much is known about the origins of 'Ned' and his 'family'. He never mentions such.
'Ned' holds a particular disdain toward those who would prey on the downtrodden for greed and profit, as well as the brigands and vagabonds that infest the forests and roads of Bree-land and beyond.
He appreciates the outdoors and natures more than the village setting of Bree. Furthermore, 'Ned' speaks with particular fondness about his horse, likewise a wolfhound that can often be seen flanking his heel.
Unfair treatment and underhand dealings; disingenuity.

Taurrandir's Adventures

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Taurrandir's Adventures

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Taurrandir's Gallery