Sicarra Yilke, "Little Fox." "Sici"

Name Sicarra
Jack of all trades
Currently wandering
Outward Appearance

The woman stands at the average height of 5'3 with a slim but not sickly form. In previous months, she was rather malnourished in appearance. But with her newfound work at the Prancing Pony, her figure has filled out to a healthy degree.  She is fairly young and cannot be pinned past her early twenties, however, by the look in her eyes, one can tell that she's experienced far more than someone of her age should. Her swarthy skin indicates that she is no Bree-lander. Though only the well-traveled or learned would be able to tell that she is a Hill-woman from Dunland. Her clothing usually consists of simple but tidy dresses, but she can be found in traveling gear on the occasion she does decide to do a bit of wandering. Her hair is a deep brown which matches her skin and rests just below her hips.  She is considered pretty but in a very earthy sort of way. The only thing that mars her beauty slightly, is the long jagged scar on her cheek. A product of her former life. There is more often than not a dagger hidden in her shoe just in case she runs into a tight situation.


Theme: Lokota Lullaby

Everyone has a story to tell, from the mundane to the extravagant, and this young woman is no exception. However, many will lack the patience to get the tale out, because none ever hear her speak a word. Unbeknownst to most individuals, the woman is deaf, she did not lose her hearing in an accident.  Rather, she is born in this way, because her Mother fell ill with her in the womb. Regardless, the young woman shows great endurance in a world that often refuses to try and understand her. Let alone pay her any mind. She looks at Middle-Earth in a way that is unique to her and her alone.  Capable of kindness when treated right, or fierceness when she finds something unjust.  She expresses herself in a variety of ways, but all without speaking a single word. Her existence shows that actions truly, speak louder than any word known to man.

Her days consist of waking up, in a cold sweat, from nightmares unspoken. But then still getting out of bed and earning her keep. All because she refuses to go back to her clan and kin that abandoned her when she needed them most.  She is complex and it takes a patient individual to carve themselves into her heart.

((Learn more by approaching her in game.))



Skarletta though they are not blood relatives. She loves the woman like a sister.
Her former captor.
People acknowledging her (because communication is difficult.) People watching. Rangers of the North. Baking and being outdoors. She enjoys meeting new people when they take the time to talk to her. Old, broken, arnorion ruins.
The Rohirrim (but there are a few exceptions) she hates Bree-town this is a recent development. She hates passiveness in the face of danger. Her own mind. Weak and submissive men.
To prove to herself that she can work hard and make something of herself despite her condition.
'If a man treats you like a princess in the beginning. And then suddenly his behavior changes? Run like the wind.'

Sicarra's Adventures

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Sicarra's Adventures

Sicarra's Gallery

Sicarra's Gallery