Dolendis Fingrossiel

Name Dolendis
Guard to those that need protection.
Outward Appearance

A stereotypical Ñolde in appearance: proud of stature, fair of face although ever stoic of expression, dark of hair, eyes of pale silver which in their flaming intensity betray part of her history. But a hint of what almost seems to be bitterness, is a dissonance to what could have been a beautiful bearing.




Common name: (S.) Dolendis (Q. Nuldanis): "Secret(ive) woman"

Very rarely used name: (S./Q.) Callondil "Hero-lover"

Names lost to the past: (S.) FingrossielRosseth, Fingros, (Q. Findarussiel): all indicating a "red-haired maiden" although her hair is clearly brown.



Dolendis is one who prefers to listen rather than to speak, and least of all delights in the re-telling of her life. Therefore little is truly known about who she is or was. 


A common assumption is that she once loved someone, was likely even engaged or married, but lost her beloved many Ages ago. This based upon the ring that is often on her person but not on her finger: she keeps the thin red-golden band either on a chain around her neck, in a secure pocket, or in a treasured jewelry box whenever her place of residence is relatively steady. The select few who have ever heard her refer to herself by the name Callondil, "lover of a hero," would take this as further confirmation. Such a grief could be a reasonable cause for her refusal to speak on the past.



The odd foul tongue has also attributed her private nature to an effort to conceal the parts she played in the more infamous misdeeds of the Ñoldor. Those bringing up such accusations in Dolendis' presence, would find themselves strengthened in their suspicion by her meager reactions, which are void of any rebuttal or even offense. 

The Burning of the Ships – Ted Nasmith


It is also said with some certainty that she once called fair Gondolin her home. Though it is strange that none of its survivors seem to remember her from those days and that the name Dolendis rings no bells among the remnants of the Lothlim. The embellished hammer, exquisitely made swords and armour she possesses - and her preferred color-scheme of red, black and gold - might lead one to assume a connection to the House of the Hammer of Wrath. Though of course that cannot be true: it is a well-known fact that all of those brave folk perished along with their lord and city, in their legendary last stand against Morgoth's host. So her association with Rog's people rather raises more questions than offers up answers.

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What is in fact known, as she has shown herself not unwilling to speak on that subject, are her activities of the present day. She offers up her skill with sword, hammer and shield to traveling Elves who need protection from the dangers of the road. Recently she has escorted the Lady Aurewing, a healer of Círdan's people, on a journey from Lindon to Imladris. After an unfortunate encounter there between her dog and an Elf lady named Calanis, Dolendis has replaced her for a time while she recovered from her injuries. Since then however, after an apparent confrontation with the same Calanis, both Elves have now gone missing from Imladris.




The great hound Beleganc.
None that remain in this world.
No comment.
"Callon" is what she will call him, if ever pressured to the point of admitting his existence.
No comment.
Protecting the innocent from harm, settling debts.
"Leave the acting to those who already have blood on their hands." || Dolendis takes a long look at Tolmen. After a while she states, "An eye for an eye indeed."

Dolendis's Adventures

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Dolendis's Adventures

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