Belenir Conqueror of Gorgoroth

Name Belenir
Captain of Minas Tirith
Middle Aged
Belenir can be found in Gondor also, he can rarely can be found in Mordor.
Outward Appearance

Belenir lost his eye during a battle so he wears a black eyepatch. It can be recognized that his face has seen the sorrow of war, his eyes are blue like the deep sea, his hair is gray, the sides of his eyes are filled with lines of sorrow and his forehead lines of age. Contrary to his not young age, his body is still sturdy and muscular. You can also see the scar that caused him to lose his left eye. Despite the grief experienced in Belernir, he is a calm, smiling man with a peaceful voice. You can see on his face that he is a decent and good person who is easy to trust.


 Belenir was born to a wealthy family with strong connections to Minas Tirith’s military. His father, a sworn knight in the steward’s service, was a battalion commander. His mother was a noble, daughter to the First Marshall. In his childhood, Belenir received a military education. His father sent him to study the art of war, field tactics, battle strategists, metalsmithing and sword fighting. At the age of 20, Belenir’s father has been ordered by Minas Tirith council to take half of his battalion and with the help of the ithilian rangers to watch and guard the black gate and Mordor. Belenir managed to convince his father accompany them. As a young man in the outpost Belenir tried to be useful as possible, He helped forging armors, went on to hunting parties to gather some food and went to scouting missions with the rangers to collect information about the enemy’s movement. As the days passed, he even led some scouting missions. Life at the outpost was not easy but, it was Belenir’s first mission and his first time that he was so for from home and he loved it.

At the age of 25 Belenir have returned to Minas Tirith for couple of months to swear his loyalty to the steward and get his knight title. Over the years at the outpost, Belenir gained experience in fighting and commanding soldiers and performed tasks assigned to him by his father. One day, a rider came from Minas Tirith to the outpost with a message from the council, they said it was too dangerous to stay at the black gate, council ordered them to retreat back, in addition, the council informed the outpost about a rumor that the enemy  got reinforcements auxiliaries from Harad and Rhun, and the council needed a vaild proof. Belenir Took responsibility for leading the mission, and took with him a small team of rangers, while his father and the rest of the outpost prepared to retreat and packed the equipment. After two days of gathering information about the enemy, the team returned to the outpost and discovered that the camp had been destroyed and overrun by the enemy, the orcs slaughtered everyone including Belenir’s father. Belenir and his team managed to kill some orcs that looted the place, bury some of the men near Hearondir and Belenir buried his father and took his sword before they left to Minas Tirith. After a few tiring days of walking, they came back to the white city. The townspeople received them with downcast faces and some cried, but the council and the steward weren’t there. They were forced to report the bitter truth to the council, the council in return for their service was not so generous. The council informed them that Osgiliath and Cair Andros are in danger, the rangers chose to help their leader in Osgiliath and, Belenir’s chose to defend Cair Andros. Following the report, the council decided to give Belenir the military rank of his father and 50 soldiers to protect Cair Andros. Being a vital point in the defenses of Gondor, a crucial river junction, and due to the fact that it was less manned than was Osgiliath, shortly before the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, The enemy army was getting closer and closer to the city gates and therefore, Belenir made a decision to go out with his soldiers in ambush to sabotage the enemies and try to stop their progress. They were successful at first, they eliminated over a dozen Easterling’s war leaders and, they even managed to bring down one Mûmakil that blocked the road for a day. Due to the fact that it was less manned than was Osgiliath, the Easterlings and orc managed to Managed to lay siege to the city and eventually conquer it. During the battle of Cair Andros, they had to retreat back to Minas Tirith to inform the council and the steward about it. The fugitives from Cair Andros arrived to Minas Tirith around the time of the fall of Osgiliath. Belenir followed Minas Tirith’s Steward until the siege of Minas Tirith. From this moment he followed the king of Gondor and Performed what was assigned to him. Belenir and his men fought the Siege of Minas Tirith, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields and The Battle of The Black Gate.  As token for his service and loyalty, after the battle of the black gate, Belenir got promoted to the position of “Captain”. After the war he returned to Minas Tirith, spent time with his mother and discovered that she was terminally ill, a few months later she passed away.

Two years later, after the crowning of the King of Gondor and the Council decided to send legions of soldiers to make sure that Mordor would never be a danger. Belenir and his soldiers felt the lack of fighting spirit and decided to embark on the conquest of Mordor. Belenir and his soldiers fought in the most dangerous places in Mordor lands, they fought in Barad-dûr, Seregost, Naerband, Nargroth, The black pits and etc...  

After many years of battle, Belenir lost many of his comrades and brothers in arms, the horros he saw made is hair turn grey before the appointed time. During a battle near Barad Dur, He got injured, lost his right eye and was   taken back to the house of healing in Minas Tirith.  As token for his service the council promoted him to "General"The new rank allowed him time to recover from his injury, and the ability to serve in a political capacity

,   Now days Belenir is a Captain of Minas Tirith, serving Gondor and trying to do what is best for the realm. 

Meriloth, Gafro, Dolovan, Cuthanon and his kin
The scourges of Mordor
Gondor, and people with high moral values
orcs, easterlings and people with low moral values
To Serve and Protect Gondor from all her enemies.
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

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Belenir's Adventures

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