Lunganda "Lulu" Took

Name Lunganda
A baker, florist, and minstrel.
A young hobbit who recently came of age
The Shire
Outward Appearance

The basics:

• Blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles, pale skin
• Being a Took means she has Fallohide blood
• Roughly average height for a hobbit, standing at 3'4" / 104cm
• Like most hobbits she is somewhat chubby, noticeably in her face
• Some elves she meets say she looks like a "tiny elf"

Other distinguishing features:

She is frequently seen wearing flowers in her hair, with her trusty lute strapped to her back. More often than not, she wears clothes dyed in Evendim Blue, after developing a fondness for that particular colour - as opposed to the usual hobbit preference of wearing clothes dyed in earthy shades (yellows, greens, and browns).

Her blonde hair is also unusual for hobbits!


About the hobbit:

Her full name is Miss Lunganda Took, or simply Lulu as she prefers. A friendly elf gave her a Sindarin nickname for her to use should any elves she meet struggle to remember or say her hobbitish name! The particular nickname - Narthíriel, meaning sun/fire watcher - came to mind due to the hobbit's love of sunflowers.

Lulu is a cheerful (and somewhat naïve) young hobbit who has only recently come of age, and is just starting to put her tweens behind her. Unfortunately, she's as clumsy as she is cheerful - residents of the Shire tend to avoid trusting her with any fragile items, due to her history of getting into accidents.

Her family's reputation and history somewhat plays a part in her desire to travel away from the Shire and see what Middle-earth (or possibly even beyond!) has to offer. Her dream is to retrace the steps of her hero Bilbo Baggins - all the way to Erebor, and back again! Quite how she's managed to survive this far whilst being so inept - inexperienced, rather - is a question nobody has the answer to. Nevertheless, this little hobbit marches on, fuelled by copious amounts of food, ale, and pipe-weed. Like most hobbits, she has a generous appetite... but she does have a particularly infamous sweet tooth, favouring pastries and cakes in particular.

Upon joining the Hobbitry-in-Arms, she took it upon herself to become the official chef and baker, supplying her hungry allies with all the bread, pies, and cakes that they could possibly want.

Another hobby of hers is flower-arranging and flower-pressing; she pays Gaffer Gamgee for his best flowers to use in her arrangements for fancy events!

Her third hobby is singing. When she does sing, it's usually as a minstrel at one of the inns scattered around the Shire; more often than not, the Green Dragon. After all, hobbits love music almost as much as they love food!

With not just her Hobbitry-in-Arms allies, but her little fawn - affectionately nicknamed Buttercup - for company, Lulu Took is determined to have adventures fit to write songs about.


fluent - Hobbitish Westron, Standard Westron
conversational - Sindarin

Lunganda keeps a diary; this is written in Hobbitish Westron. She has been learning Sindarin mainly out of courtesy due to the amount of time she spends in Rivendell. This is also why she decided to adopt a Sindarin nickname for elves to use when referring to her. When speaking in Sindarin, she has a noticeable hobbitish accent.

If switching between languages during roleplay, [W] will be used for Westron and [S] will be used for Sindarin.

Where to find her:

She is most likely to be seen in the Shire, in Rivendell, or travelling on the road between the two locations. For her, the journey is part of the fun! Her ancestral home may be the Great Smials in Tuckborough, but she has her own burrow (located at 3 Chalk Road in Sootcrest of the Shire homesteads) which she mainly uses when she needs some peace and quiet.

When in Rivendell, she stays at the Guest Houses and frequents the Hall of Fire, enjoying the company of her elven friends. She can also often be seen at Tham Angol (IC located in Imlad Gelair, OOC located in Mírband of the Belfalas homesteads.)

As she grows bolder and more experienced, she will venture elsewhere... but for now, the Shire is her home and she is growing to consider Rivendell as her second home.


she loved the sun. - A LULU TOOK PLAYLIST

Lots (even some elves and dwarves!!!), but in particular, her fellow hobbits of the Hobbitry-in-Arms.
All the Tooks!
None... thank goodness.
Buttercup (her pet deer), baking, singing, flowers
Spiders, the dark, rude nosey hobbits
Seeing the world, and protecting her home
"My old Ma always says I'd lose my feet if they weren't attached to my ankles."

Lunganda's Adventures

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Lunganda's Adventures

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