Arlane "Lane"

Name Arlane
Merchant specializing in discrete transport of valuable items and luxury foods -- particularly Dwarvish ale
Early thirties
Travelling between Dale and Bree, usually staying in inns. Currently in Bree primarily.
Outward Appearance

Physical description: Lane is surprisingly tall for a woman, standing approximately six feet in height. Her form is well-muscled, with wide shoulders and the hands of a manual laborer. Her black hair tends to be pulled back from her face into a bun. Though somewhat plain, her features are not unpleasant: a strong chin, wide nose, stormy blue eyes with dark lashes, and a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. 

Her voice is lower in timbre, with traces of a Breelander accent, though this is less prominent now than when she was young and only comes out in full intensity when she is relaxed and comfortable. She often speaks in a casual tone, with brusque clarity.

Her usual dress is a blue jacket. Depending on the situation, it may be simple and clean-cut or a well-tailored and heavily embroidered jacket. She tends to wear practical travelling boots and carries a large great-sword, and if travelling through more dangerous lands will be found in lightweight leather armor, elegantly embellished and dyed a deep blue. After all, a merchant like her has to be recognizable and show some flair!


Personality/Noticable Traits: Typically expressing an easygoing demeanor, Lane is comfortable to engage in conversation though tends to interact primarily with those who seek her out. In a tavern setting, she is quite sociable, though vague in personal details. She enjoys conversation and has an appealing and friendly frankness in her manner, which can be used to her advantage.


She has a high tolerance for strong drink and will partake in social settings, though she rarely is seen drunk. A fondness for hot chocolate, though it tends to be a more expensive imported drink, might be noticed by those who interact with her long enough.


Lane does not speak of her childhood, but if pressed may mention spending most of her teenage years working on a farm, giving her greater credibility in the quality of the food she transports, though she remains vague on the details. She has much familiarity with Bree and its surrounding settlements, though she remains on the outskirts if in the region for trade and avoids the city. 

She spent most of her early twenties with a travelling merchant/smuggler band in the Dale region and learned the trade from those in that group who became her mentors. Her primary mentor, an older smuggler named Greyson who became like a father to her, has since retired, and she acts as heir to his business and has taken over most of his trade connections and routes.


Lane is willing to trade and carry nearly any goods for a reasonable price, carrying furs, alcohols, pipeweed, and other goods between settlements and lands. Her standard procedure is to charge a fee for transport of special goods to sellers, taking a cut of profits, though standard goods she pays for up front and sells at a profit.

If there is a city under siege or heavy tariff, she will transport food and goods outside regulations for sufficient payment. She has also been known to trade in Dwarven ales, including the treasured Moria Stout, avoiding the rather high taxes and tariffs at either end often placed on such beverages (and has acquired a bit of a taste for these herself).

She will also deal in any small items that may be easily transported, particularly old and rare relics, though she requires an independent assessment of value before acting as the middleman in such dealings. There is a small network of such suppliers through Bree-land and adjacent regions, and many among them may know of her and have traded with her in the past.


[Note from the author: Walk-up RP welcomed, or feel free to reach out here on the Archives. I am happy to establish backstory connections (positive and negative) throughout any regions she would have been active]

None living
perhaps one, but none she would speak of publicly
Good food and drink, fine fabrics, laughter with friends and associates, apples, flowers, hot cocoa, pastries
Gambling, drunkenness, being in debt to anyone, sleeping outdoors
To have a good living and an interesting life, to meet interesting people and experience adventure, to keep her mentor’s trade going and make a name for herself as well
"I may not have much t' my name but at least I sleep in a bed!"

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Arlane's Adventures

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