Gwendhron "Leaf-Cutter"

Name Gwendhron
Ranger of the North
Gwendhron lives in a cabin just outside of Bree-town.
Outward Appearance


The dúnedan, at first, seems to be rather unapproachable. With his towering height of 6' 4", he is fairly average among his kinsman, though he easily towers over the typical Bree-lander he has been tasked with defending. He has trained his body to be strong and fit for combat, but also light and lithe enough to stealthily track enemies. His pitch black hair falls in waves around his face, just barely creeping down past his shoulders. The man's facial hair is rather unkempt, though it is still even and trimmed enough to be socially acceptable. One of his most notable features are the set of piercing green eyes for which he is nicknamed.


General Appearance:

Gwendhron has the appearance of someone who could be quite handsome, yet his unkempt hair and facial hair seem to distract almost entirely. However, on rare occasions when he has been given the chance to properly clean up, he positively glows with a sort of youthfulness and power that would be entirely unexpected. The most unnoticeable feature on his entire person though is a faint scar over his lip that tends to get covered up with his mustache.



Gwendhron dons the typical hues that Rangers are known for, browns and greens. However, his favorite quiver is accented with his favorite shade of red. In addition, his favorite tunic is a dark, rich brown with the same dark red trim around the bottom. This may be seen worn underneath a set of brown and green leather armor with a silver, six-pointed star on the front and back. He also has a set of steely-blue formal-wear that he very rarely uses. Aside from his wardrobe, he also wears a thin, silver chain with delicate silver pendant containing a bright, green jewel. When asked where he got it, he will simply answer, "Oh, a friend, though long gone now."


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Scarring and Other Blemishes:

Aside from the scar on his lip, most the man's scars can be found around his actual body and most of them carry some harrowing tale to go with them. Most notable and gruesome-looking is a patch over his ribs where it appears he was branded multiple times.



Gwendhron is not the type of man rush into conflict without thinking it through. If he thinks there is any way to resolve the issue peacefully, he will do so. Senseless violence, in his opinion, is the sign of a damaged soul and while he knows he cannot save every soul, he'd be damned if he did not at least try. He rarely gets involved with with matter in town, choosing to manage the Barrows that he has been specifically takes with and watching over the Brandyhills if he has the chance. He only ever seems to come into town to get supplies to take home, or if there is general sorrow that he hears of. As someone that cares deeply for people and their emotional well-beings, he may sometimes be seen counselling citizens of Bree, eyes softened and with a tender heart. He can also be found telling fanciful stories and singing songs for the children of Bree and those few adults who may simply be curious. He would happily put the needs of someone else over his own and would readily take a blow to protect the innocent.


Fighting Style:

Gwendhron fights mostly with a shortbow, picking off enemies from a far, before going into the fray with his simple arming sword. He knows that he does not have the strength to take down large enemies such as trolls or giants. At that point, he would use wits rather than brawn to either lure the enemy into a trap or use the environment to his advantage. In one-on-one combat, Gwendhron is very much the same way, choosing to outwit and then use his strength to his advantage, rather than use up all his energy at once. He has many tools at his disposal such as a small knife he keeps tucked away in his boot. He also uses caltrops, fire-oil for his arrows, and a bag full of sand and rocks all found on his belt.




He is very reclusive, even for a Ranger. That being said, he has no friends as of yet.
He has none, though he considers any Ranger he meets to be a brother and sister.
None (yet)
Gwendhron has a great fondness for all things in nature, though he has a particular love for rabbits. He loves a good pint of ale, peace and quiet, and the calm breeze hitting his face.
Gwendhron abhors needless violence, as well as those who prove to be disloyal and dishonest.
Gwendhron's main goal is to ensure the safety of those he is tasked to defend, both in body and in spirit. He also wishes to breed rabbits, but that is beside the point.
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Gwendhron's Adventures

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