Applecider Bolingbroke

Name Appleciderblossom
Wandering Bard. Perpetuator of Antics.
Adult (ish)
A bard lives for the stage, and the Wide World is the grandest stage of all.
Outward Appearance

Chubby as a chickadee; oddly nimble despite this. A flaming ginger with the most contagious grin in all of Eriador.



Everyone’s got That One Friend.

You know.

That one loony friend ..... who walks the fine line between the fun kind of loony, and the too-much kind of loony.

Applecider Delphinium Ermintrude Bolingbroke, of the Brockenborings Bolingbrokes ("May the hair on their toes be long as the grass of Greenfields"), is That One Friend. She cannot be got down. She cannot be switched off. She will burst upon you in an indomitable wave of effervescent good feelings, questionable musical skills, mild annoyance, sheer charisma, common Hobbit sense, and pie.

Having adopted the mantle of Falathlorn's resident Hobbit, after a walking holiday to Elf-lands brought pages & pages of ballad-worthy larks, Cider has taken up with House Bar-and-Acorn: Feeding & quaffing everyone in sight, generally being useful (mostly), and maintaining a fascinating (if thoroughly incomprehensible) record of all that transpires.

Her bardic imagination is matched only by the zeal with which she serves in capacity as occasional voluntary auxiliary to the Honorable Bounders (duly deputized, Second-Class) and self-appointed representative of The Shire & Its Interests to Skinny Elfs, Beardie Dorfs, Green-Hooded Bounders (i.e., the handsome Dúney-lads), and other Big Folk.

(“Bullroarer’s Bilious Breath; SOMEBODY’S gotta keep all these skinny Elf-types fed an’ beat some Hobbit sense into ‘em when they get ta harping on about things ....")

Everyone. Especially you.
The Brockenborings Bolingbrokes.
Screechy Gobbos. Sackville-Bagginses. Them what crosses the Bolingbrokes, or any honest Hobbit. Them what means ill toward the Shire, House Bar-and-Acorn, or the world in general.
All good things (and the world is FULL of good things).
Bad pie. Mordor and all its ilk. Music set in the chord of E-flat major. Villains who can't monologue properly.
To flood the world with ebullience. To create the perfect pie. To prosper Goodness, banish Evil, and solve all known problems. To finally become tall.
"HONESTLY, these Big Folks ...."

Appleciderblossom's Adventures

Appleciderblossom's Adventures

Appleciderblossom's Gallery

Appleciderblossom's Gallery