Varothomir Uilossen of Minas Tirith

Name Varothomir
Knight of Gondor, Mercenary and Military Advisor
Young Adult (late twenties)
Eriador (currently), Gondor
Outward Appearance

Heritage: Minas Tirith, the Kingdom of Gondor.


Titles: Knight of Gondor, "The Black Swan of Osgiliath"


Appearance:  Varothomir has an imposing stature and build, standing at six feet, two inches. His walnut brown hair is neatly cut short, accompanied by his signature muttonstache. His eyes are a deep blue, like the sparkling waters of the Bay of Belfalas. His most distinctive feature is an impressive scar that runs across his face, from forehead to chin. His right hand is missing at the wrist.

His clothing, armour and weapons are very well maintained and cared for.


Personality: Varothomir is a kind-hearted man of chivalry, eager to help those in need. He is a loyal friend and companion, placing the lives of others before his own, in times of danger. He will always see that a job is done, no matter how trivial it may seem. Although proud of his Gondorian lineage, he is also aware that there are many people not as fortunate as him, and will fulfill his oath as a Knight of Gondor to help them.


Flaws: Although Varothomir is willing to help others, he is hesitant to ask for help himself. He will usually like to do everyday tasks himself, fully aware of his handicap.


Languages and Skills: Fluent in both Westron (Common) and Sindarin; also has a good understanding of Quenya and is learning Rohirric. Can read and write. Knows how to ride a horse. Has outstanding military training. Due to the loss of his right hand, he is still learning to use his left hand as his main hand.


Weapons: "Dawn-Breaker" (his arming sword), heater shield bearing the emblazon of the White Tree of Gondor, flanged mace, dagger, cavalry lance (occasionally).


Varothomir (Sindarin: "Other-Jewel") was born the middle of three children of a Knight’s family in the Soldier's Tier in Minas Tirith. The House of Uilossen (Sindarin: “Ever-White”) have a long military tradition in Gondor, dating back to the days of Isildur and the Last Alliance; and Varothomir was no exception. Although he was the second son, Varothomir displayed a keen interest in his studies in history and battle tactics and strategy. He was trained by his father Aglarion Uilosson, a Knight and Protector of Gondor, along with his uncle, Pelineldir; whom he would later squire for.

Aglarion was killed when his company was ambushed by Umbar Corsairs on a skirmish near Dol Amroth. Varothomir, who was nineteen at the time, wanted to avenge his father by taking the fight to the Enemy head on. He would join Gondor’s armies to find work, to lead him to his father’s killers. He would travel to Dol Amroth to enlist in Prince Imrahil’s own forces to defend the Belfalas Coast from raiding Corsairs. On a fateful day in October, at the age of twenty-two, he would encounter the Corsair Captain “Blood-Eye”, who claimed to have slain the Knight Uilossen three years ago. Varothomir would challenge this Corsair to a one-on-one duel, which she would accept on the condition that it would be to the death. The fight was long and gritty; with the Corsair’s agility and finesse matching Varothomir’s defence and determined strikes. Exhaustion would set in on both sides, as they wore each other down. Varothomir, with a broken blade, would emerge victorious. With the Captain’s blood streaming on to the beach, her crew scattered; only to be hunted down by the Dol Amroth garrison. He would take the sword and knife of his fallen opponent, before cremating her body, as a sign of respect. Varothomir would leave the service of Dol Amroth a few months later, feeling his calling to the coast had been fulfilled.

Varothomir would return to his home city of Minas Tirith, where he was given a hero’s welcome by his family. Although his mother and sister praised his achievements in Dol Amroth, his older brother Orelion thought his younger brother should have spared the Corsair so that she could have faced justice. Regardless, the young Gondorian Hero had removed a great evil from the waters of Middle-Earth for good. With the help of an Elven smith, Varothomir would have the blades of “Blood-Eye” reforged into a new sword, known in Westron as “Dawn-Breaker”, to act as a beacon to not only himself and Gondor, but the Free-People of Middle Earth. After Dol Amroth, Varothomir would stay in Minas Tirith, during which he would be awarded the title Knight of Gondor by the Steward, Denethor II. He would keep his Swan Knight armour, a constant reminder of his service to Dol Amroth; dying the cloth components in the colours of Minas Tirith. This would result in him being dubbed the "Black Swan of Osgiliath" by his brothers-in-arms. Though this nickname would originate in jest, it would soon become a mantle of respect for Varothomir.

Varothomir would later fight under the command of the Steward’s sons, Boromir and Faramir, as the garrison defended Eastern Osgiliath from Sauron’s forces in Mordor. He would remain there until they were overwhelmed, and was badly injured during the retreat to Minas Tirith. This would be how he received his signature face scar. Surviving this, Varothomir wanted to ride in Faramir's retaliation charge, even if it meant his death, however the pleas from his sister, combined with his injuries prevented him from doing so. He could only watch on as he saw the doomed souls fade into specks on the horizon.

During the Siege of Minas Tirith, Varothomir was once again able to fight. He would take a commanding role on the front lines, hearing the chilling cries of orcs and witnessing the fury of Grond’s snaring visage. With the enemy lines broken from the Rohirric reinforcements, Varothomir would lead some troops to support Theoden’s forces, providing aid to those who needed it.

Varothomir would also be present at the Battle of the Back Gate, and witness the final defeat of Mordor. During the fighting, he would fall, and lose his right hand under the weight of a troll’s hammer. He would continue to fight until the Enemy routed, and the fighting was over.

After the War of the Ring, Varothomir decided to leave Gondor and explore King Ellissar’s new Kingdom of Arnor, in the hopes of training soldiers, learning the history of the area and helping the Free-People, just as he had done in Gondor.

In the present day, Varothomir came across a group known as The Black Steel, and would aid them in their journeys and adventures for a time. He would then go out on his own to explore more of Eriador.

Aglarion Uilossen (Father, Desceased); Naurien (Mother); Orelion (Older Brother); Ivorien (Younger Sister); Pelineldir Uilossen (Uncle)
"Blood-Eye" (Umbar Corsair, Desceased)
Helping people in need, acts of charity, exploration, history
Criminal activity, betrayal, dishonourable acts, the Shadow/Enemy
To defend the Free People of Middle Earth.
"You showed my father no honour by leaving his body where you cut him down. I shall not leave you to the same fate." ~ Varothomir, after defeating "Blood-Eye"

Varothomir's Adventures

Varothomir's Adventures

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