Thandanar Uilossen of Minas Tirith

Name Thandanar
Knight-Errant and Scholar
Young adult (late twenties)
Currently travelling Eriador
Outward Appearance

Alternate Names: Moralphon (Sindarin: 'Black Swan')


Heritage: Minas Tirith, the Kingdom of Gondor.


Titles: Knight of Gondor, "The Black Swan of Osgiliath"


Appearance:  Thandanar has an imposing stature and build, standing at six feet, two inches. His walnut brown hair is neatly cut short, accompanied by his signature muttonstache. His eyes are a deep blue, like the sparkling waters of the Bay of Belfalas. His most distinctive feature is an impressive scar that runs across his face, from forehead to chin. His right hand is missing at the wrist, with an intricately carved wooden fist taking its place. His clothing, armour and weapons are very well maintained and cared for. He speaks with a strong Old Anórien accent.


Personality: Thandanar is a kind-hearted man of chivalry, eager to help those in need. He is a loyal friend and companion, placing the lives of others before his own, in times of danger. He will always see that a job is done, no matter how trivial it may seem. Although proud of his Gondorian lineage, he is also aware that there are many people not as fortunate as him, and will fulfill his oath as a Knight of Gondor to help them.


Flaws: Although Thandanar is willing to help others, he is hesitant to ask for help himself. He will usually like to do everyday tasks himself, fully aware of his handicap. Likewise, his diplomacy skills, in an effort to make everyone satisfied (especially in a land where he is an outsider), has made him somewhat indecisive. Like many of his kin who survived Gondor's conflicts, he too is scarred by the horrors of battle.


Languages and Skills: Fluent in both Westron (Common) and Sindarin; also has a good understanding of Quenya and conversational Rohirric. Can read and write. Knows how to ride and care for a horse. Has outstanding military training. Knows basic first aid and survival skills. Demonstrates excellent diplomatic skills. Due to the loss of his right hand, he is still learning to use his left hand as his main hand.


Weapons: Ragminuial/"Dawn-Breaker" (his arming sword), heater shield bearing the emblazon of the White Tree of Gondor, flanged mace, dagger, cavalry lance (occasionally).


Thandanar (Sindarin: 'Shield Brother') Uilossen, son of Aglarion Uilossen and Naurien of Lossarnach, is a Knight of Gondor and the middle of three children in a knight's family. Growing up, Thandanar would be trained to fight by his father Alcarion Uilossen along with his uncle, Pelingildir. He, much like his siblings, would experience much of the court intrigue among the higher Tiers of the White City.

From avenging the death of his father at the hands of raiding Corsairs in Belfalas, to fighting under the command of the Steward’s sons, Boromir and Faramir, against Mordor and its allies from crossing the Anduin at Osgiliath (with support from the Rangers of Ithilien); from defending his home city of Minas Tirith from besiegement by Mordor, to making a stand with Host of the West at the Morannon, Thandanar has had an eventful military career, one which as left visible reminders upon him. His signature face scar came from an orcish blade came from the retreat from Osgiliath, whereas the loss of his right hand would come from a troll’s hammer at Morannon.

His sword, Ragminuial (Sindarin: 'Dawn-Breaker'), is forged from the steel of the blades of the Corsair Captain Blood-Eye, his father’s killer. When the vengeance wrought in Blood-Eye’s demise brought Thandanar no joy, he cremated her and took her weapons to be reforged into a weapon that would remind him that that vengeance does not mean justice. His nickname of "The Black Swan of Osgiliath" comes from his use of Swan-Knight armour (a memento itself of his time in Dol Amroth) over cloth in the colours of Minas Tirith, amongst the warriors of Osgiliath. Though this nickname would originate in jest, it would become a mantle of respect for Thandanar, known to the soldiers there as "Moralphon", for his leadership and putting the lives of his fellow men before his own. Thandanar would be awarded the title Knight of Gondor by Steward Denethor II.

Sometime after the War of the Ring, Thandanar would decide to explore the lands beyond Gondor's boarders. The road took him north to King Elessar’s new Kingdom of Arnor, where he hopes to learn the history of the area and help the Free-People, just as he had done in Gondor. In the present day, Thandanar may be found exploring Middle-Earth with his loyal Charger, Maethoriel, acting as a Knight-Errant and a helping hand. He also wishes to gain insight into the history of lands elsewhere, largely through tomes and exploring ancient ruins. He records his findings in journals, with the hopes his findings will help the Houses of Lore in Minas Tirith.

The company of the Narrators of Fate, Tarsorel, Sairona
Aglarion Uilossen (Father, Desceased); Naurien (Mother); Haerelion (Older Brother); Faervelwen (Younger Sister); Pelingildir Uilossen (Uncle)
"Blood-Eye" (Umbar Corsair, Desceased)
Helping people in need, acts of charity, exploration, learning history
Criminal activity, betrayal, dishonourable acts, the Shadow/Enemy
To defend the Free People of Middle Earth.
"You showed my father no honour by leaving his body where you cut him down. I shall not leave you to the same fate." ~ Thandanar, after defeating "Blood-Eye"

Thandanar's Adventures

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Thandanar's Adventures

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Thandanar's Gallery