Name Ethelthred

Hunter, Brewer

She is a traveler


Outward Appearance

Men often pine after Ethelthred for her long golden hair and smooth ochre skin. The hobbit girls often blush when they see her in her night blue dress and cotton slippers. Barliman---when she occasions to visit his tavern---pours out the sweetest compliments, beaming as she strolls into the common room to sing and dance for the patrons. The aquiline nose and soft curve of her jaw imply a considerate effort to present herself to the people; high cheekbones outline her brilliant smile, carved across her soft, pink lips.
Ethelthred is sometimes seen crushing grapes in the Prancing Pony's kitchen and preparing the finest wine (so she claims) from over the mountains. Then there are those on the roads from Combe or Archet or Buckland who marked her riding a chestnut rouncey over the hills and fields. They often note her panoply of velvet hose and a cotton hauberk, dark as wine.


Ethelthred hails from a family of farmers on the outskirts of Dale. Her father owned a brewery that produced some of the finest wine in the region. Her mother spent her time making toys or drawing beautiful paintings. She also ran a vineyard and pressed grapes.
Ethelthred often helped her mother or father, but she found her calling in Mirkwood Forest. She fashioned herself a yew bow and spent the evenings honing her skill when the family did not need her.
As winter passed, the family prepared to replant the vines and heat the brewery; but darkness descended on their home. Goblins from Dol-Guldur ransacked their estate and burned the brewery to ashes. Ethelthred fell asleep in the shadow of a clearing near her family estate but woke with fright as laughing Goblins tramped through the trees.
Ethelthred hid for a time until her courage returned. Then she hurried back to her house, but the tragedy brought her low; her father and mother swayed limply from nooses on an apple tree.
Ethelthred wailed bitterly as the sun sank over the trees behind her. When she summoned enough strength, Ethelthred gathered herself and prepared to run into Mirkwood. Then light from a long wooden pipe cast over a grim, callous face. The stranger had heard her parents the previous night; however, the goblins numbered too many to intervene. If not for him, Ethelthred would not have left the clearing alive. Though he sympathized with Ethelthred, the stranger encouraged her to seek a different path.
“Return to Eriador with me,” declared the man sternly “and aid the good people of Bree against the wicked schemes of Morder.”
Ethelthred resisted his overture at first, but after a time, she nodded and followed him; her parents rest beneath the tree where they hung.
Now she delves into Breeland’s dense forests, racing over lush grasslands to pursue the greater evil: the Dark Lord Sauron, the source of the Goblins, the origin of her doom. Hear the odyssey of Ethelthred, fledgling of Dale, Huntress of the Greenwood, friend of Elves.








She loves the smell of crushed grapes and the melodious chirping of birds. She enjoys exploring the woods and hunting wild game.


She despises goblins and the foulness of men's hearts. The dwarves sometimes get under her skin because of their obstinate nature and stubborn pursuit for gold.


Ethelthred is running from the doom of her family; to start a new life in Bree, helping the people of Eriador as the eye of Mordor turns north.


"I know the loss one feels in their hearts; I am well acquainted with Death."

Ethelthred's Adventures

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Ethelthred's Adventures

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