Mýlher of Lindon

Name Mylher
Scholar, minstrel, and a once-warrior.
Born in the Second Age.
Lindon, though she travels now.
Outward Appearance

Mýlher is an elleth of Noldorin and Nandorin (Laiquendi) blood.
Her face is fair, and her hair is long and white-blonde.

Silver eyes reveal a shade of slight green if one is met with the full intensity of her gaze.
She is short for one of her kin, standing only at 5'10.

Though in Lindon she garbs herself in dresses and robes for her studies,
she keeps a set of armor and a sword, as if prepared for times of war.


Banner art: Concept art from The Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II 
Art by IcedWingsArt


Mýlher was born in the Second Age in the realm of Ossiriand, though by that time it was known as Lindon, the kingdom of Gil-galad. She remembers the time of the great expanse of the kingdom before the downfall of Numenor, but has lived long enough also to witness the fall and withering of the kingdom, and later, the fall of the king. 

 During the later Second Age, Mýlher grew close to a group of Gondolin exiles and found among them friendship. She fought alongside them in the Last Alliance and considered them her greatest allies. When at the end of the war, they appeared sundered and one dead, she returned to Lindon with a heavy heart. There Cirdan now led, while Mýlher watched in silence as her kin took to the sea in their departure.

 She has spent long in Lindon assisting those who choose to sail. When not assisting with the preparations for the ships, she is studying lore or historical books. She taught herself old lays and songs and seeks out words of power in long-forgotten scripture. Though Mýlher speaks softly now, her words carry weight behind them, and thoughtfully so. Recently she heard that Cardanith was indeed alive, and she now seeks him out to offer aid, and an oath fulfilled.

Cardanith. Amathlan during the Second Age. Mallossel before her untimely death.
A sister that she has not seen in a long time, presumed to reside in Lothlorien.
Once Amathlan served as her political rival in the ranks of Gil-galad's host, but they have been too long sundered to bear still such bitterness (she hopes).
Stories and lore, and any chance to play a tune on her harp.
Yrch, and being left in the unknown.
To assist Cardanith in chasing out the Shadow from Middle-Earth.
"Well-fed devils behave better than famished saints."

Mylher's Adventures

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Mylher's Adventures

Mylher's Gallery

Mylher's Gallery