Name Linnuiel
Born in the First Age
Caras Galadhon
Outward Appearance

Linnuiel is an elf, one of Noldor heritage. She therefore has gray eyes that are common amongst her kin. She is also tall and lithe, or a 'twig' as her childhood friends would call her. Her hair is auburn and long, often pulled back from her face by braids. Her skin is smooth and clear all but for one scar.


If one looked close enough, they would find a small scar on her temple, one she received long ago in battle.


Linnuiel prefers to wear comfortable traveling clothes. She despises dresses and robes. She can often be found in her armor as well. An item always found on her, is a silver ring with the insignia of her position amongst the elves of Lothlorien.


She is often lost in her own thoughts, and therefore has a faraway look on her face most of the time. Though you would be hard pressed to see her without a nervous smile on her lips. She is awkward and clumsy, odd for an elf. Though when it comes to important matters, such as her position as a messenger between realms, she is well-spoken and polite.


She is a loner, as she travels too often to keep friendships. But she is kind to anyone, unless they give her a reason not to be.


Artwork by Nipuni.

Banner Artwork screenshot from LoTR.


Born in the First Age, she was raised in the House of the Fountain in Gondolin. Before the fall of the city, she grew up under the strict tutelage of her father, preened to do as society expected of her. 

After the Fall of Gondolin, she lost both of her parents and ended up journeying to Lindon alone. From there she eventually made her way to Eregion, where she became a scribe at the great libraries.

Using all of the anger she held towards her family for leaving her, and the servants of the enemy for destroying her home, she learned the art of swordsmanship. She excelled in her training as well as her position as a scribe. 

After the sacking of Eregion, she followed the Lady Galdriel to Lothlorien, where she was awarded for her loyalty and skill and was appointed the position of a messenger between realms. 

For millenia she has spent her time traveling between the elven realms, or otherwise, bringing messages of importance between the lands. She can be found primarily in the realms of Lothlorien, Imladris, or Lindon." />

Skills: Playing the harp, swordsmanship, diplomacy.

Languages: Exilic Quenya, Sindarin, Common Speech

Artwork by sashajoe

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None as of yet.
All have crossed to the undying lands.
Traveling, Tea, Playing the harp, Watching the stars
Condescending people, Sauron and all his minions, Wine, Fire
Her motivation is to prove her worth.
Some women fear the fire. Some simply become it.

Linnuiel's Adventures

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Linnuiel's Adventures

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