Name Maetthor
Guard of Minas Tirith
Young adult
Family home in Minas Tirith
Outward Appearance

The Gondorian military wore chain-mail armour with helmets graven with a small silver star.

The Guards of the Citadel wore black mail with mithril helms and a black and silver surcoat.

Gondor Soldier 3rd Age


Maetthor is a young man of Gondorian nobility.

His build is muscular from years of training in the military.

He has dark hair, oft pulled back out of his face. His beard is neatly trimmed as well.


His eyes are dark, but warm, and the smile that often graces his face reflects this.

His hands are calloused, for when he is not on duty, he is at the forges. He wishes to one day make his own plate and weaponry.

He bears a single scar across his lip from a dispute when he was in his youth.

He does not bear his family crest.

banner image: "Banner of Minas Tirith" Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers | art by R1VENkassle


Maetthor was raised as the eldest of two sons to a noble family in Minas Tirith. His parents always favored his younger brother, Nidalorn, over him, and from that was resentment bred. He spent much of his early life trying to keep his brother out of trouble. When Maetthor turned fifteen, and his brother thirteen, he joined the military, and tried to encourage Nidalorn to do the same. His attempts fell on deaf ears. Every time Nidalorn found himself in trouble (and several times in the dungeons), Maetthor was always the one at blame. Why did you not stop him? Why were you not looking out for him? He is your brother! 

Maetthor, in sooth, felt relieved when Nidalorn disappeared. He was twenty, working his way up the ranks of Gondor's militia, and Nidalorn was eighteen and wasting away to drinking and gambling. His brother had either fled (like he had always threatened to) or he was dead somewhere - but either way, he was no longer Maetthor's responsibility. His parents, of course, blamed him - but he listened not to their words of ire, though they have not spoken much in the six years since. He has devoted his life and love to his work, aspiring to one day be a Citadel Guard. Though, he does fear that his brother's reputation holds him back, even now.

He has not many outside of his fellow guards.
Parents to whom he does not speak with often, and a brother whom he has disowned.
His brother, Nidalorn.
Jokes of all manner, even when they are at his expense. Fine wine. To be warm.
Cold weather. Dishonor. Although he would never admit it, his family.
To become a Citadel Guard of Minas Tirith. (His parents' approval).

Maetthor's Adventures

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Maetthor's Adventures

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