Name Mormerildes
Guard of Mirkwood
Traveling in the west currently, but Mirkwood is home.
Outward Appearance

 Mormerildes is a Silvan elf from the realm of Eryn Galen, known in the common tongue of man as the Mirkwood. She is just shy of her 325th birthday, making her a youthful sprite in the eyes of her elder kin. 

She has hair of a rich brown, parting evenly across her head and laying over her shoulders. Her face is fair, conventionally pretty like many other elf-maidens. Her eyes are a grey-blue in color and tend to fade when against the garb of her woodland kin. Her form is shapely, but it is toned, from her many years of service as a guard of Mirkwood. Racing through the forest and engaging foes in battle has left her with scars littered most noticeably on her arms and legs, but her skin is, for the most part, smooth and still without a marring that tells of a serious injury. Her hands are rough and calloused from the years of pulling on bowstrings and wielding swords.


She prefers to speak in Sindarin, and speaking in other tongues makes her speech come across stilted and formal, which may make her seem reserved or stand-offish, even when it is not her intent.

She dresses in light-to-medium armors and hauberks to keep herself light on her feet whilst moving swiftly through the earthy browns and greens of the Mirkwood forest. She is more comfortable in these but very willing to don dresses and gowns if the occasion arises, also in the earthy tones of her home. 


A special token she wears is a necklace with a leaf pendant upon it, given to her by a close friend in a time of need. She would rather die than part ways with it.


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Mormerildes was born in the Third Age, and the year 2693. (This was the same year that Arathorn I, Chieftain of the Dunedain was born). She was sired by Ethiron of  Eryn Galen, and her mother was Tangadriel of Lothlorien. After the birth of Mormerildes, Tangadriel moved to join her husband in the Woodland Realm. 

She grew up with an inherent love for nature and the world around her, always pining to go out into the forest and explore. Her dream was to one day leave Eryn Galen and see all of the elven cities of Middle-Earth, but such things do not always come to pass. Mormerildes found herself quickly proficient with a bow, and once she was old enough, she took to hunting. Soon, she enlisted herself in the Guard, thinking that it would give her the chance she craved to see the world.

 Her dream was NOT one day to be a captain of the guard, but to live a quieter life, perhaps as a minstrel or as a scribe - but she fears these paths will not grant her the ability to journey as she desires, so she stays, and she has begun to grow happy in that life.


 In the year T.A. 2941, The Battle of the Five Armies was fought in the Misty Mountains. This was the first time Mormerildes saw much death and despair, and it changed her greatly. She met an elf named Amarthior, who was from Imladris, and had been visiting the Mirkwood and joined them in the battle. In a time of such darkness, she thought she had found light. Alas, Amarthior was nothing more than the fading starlight on the horizon, and although she loved him, he left her behind on the shores while he sailed off to the Grey Havens. 

 Years have passed, and she has grown in wisdom and strength amongst her people. While immensely fond of the more wild antics of the Elves of Mirkwood, she can come across very stiff and reserved towards outsiders - whether they be of another race or simply another place.


After running an errand in Bree on behalf of a fallen friend, she began investigating the fell rumors of Orcs to the north with companions she met in the town of men. She and her temporary company were horrified to discover that Angmar had awoken.  She has been having dreams lately of a Man in the Misty Mountains beyond Rivendell, being hunted by Fell things, just as she fears she is being hunted. Blaming her visions on the awakening of Angmar, she parted ways with her friends in the Bree-lands and set out on the long road to Imladris.

  The Road to Imladris left her set upon by fell creatures, one of which a Warg, and she spent many days there recovering. Cedmon, the companion with which she was investigating Angmar also arrived within a week of her own arrival, as he was badly hurt by Cargul blades. Upon their recovery, they returned to Bree to do further investigations there. They made plans to set off for Evendim, but the sudden illness of her father in Mirkwood has sent their journey spiraling back to the east.



Cedmon, Catalinna, and Kimbell.
Ethiron, her father; and Tangadriel, her mother. (Neither in-game, background only)
She doesn't have any yet, although she and Cedmon jest over who is better at archery.
Her homeland, traveling and exploring, practicing her archery, and good wine.
Being left behind, weak wine, those who scoff at tradition.
Stop the darkness growing in Mirkwood and her dreams.
"I would go with you, board the ships and sail away to the Grey Havens if you asked it of me. Because you asked it of me."

Mormerildes's Adventures

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Mormerildes's Adventures

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Mormerildes's Gallery