Tallic "Wiggletoes-Newbuck"

Name Tallic
Musician, Occassional Poet, Pastry Chef
Not long out of his tweens.
2 Wending Way, Bramblebury, The Shire
Outward Appearance

His healthy chubby features help to give his face a warm friendly look, as for his hair, well that's normally covered by one of his many hats., but if yer catch a glimpse of it you'll see its chestnut brown.


Tallic is often to be found with a smile on his face, though he does suffer from unexpected bouts of daydreaming. Often being completely oblivious of anything thats going on around him. If you happen upon him while he's in one of his 'moments' as he calls them, don't be alarmed he usually snaps himself out of it eventually.


Tallic was born and raised on a little farmstead in the sleepy hamlet of Little Delving, by his Pa Talbo Wiggletoes and his Ma Roseline Newbuck. His life as a young'un was a happy one, helping out with his Pa on the farm, his Ma's cooking and fishing with his older brother Tillbo.

In his tweens he helped his Great Uncle Newbuck deliver the Quick Post in the local area, regularly travelling to Michel Delving and Hobbiton with the mail sacks.  One day while delivering post on Wending Way he spotted a fine lass tending her garden, every day after that he made sure he passed by just to catch a glimpse of her. She would always be humming a pleasant tune and always gave him a nice smile.

Seeing that the way to her heart may be through the strings of a lute, he took up music lessons and before long he was able to muster together a tune or two. They soon became what yer might call friendly and were inseperable for the next few years. As they neared the end of their tweens they began to grow apart, eventually the lass moved to Oatbarton.

Tallic would walk The Shire and go to the places he and his lass used to go, but nothing ever seemed the same to him, his music suffered, it no longer gave him any joy. He resolved to go to Oatbarton and try to win back his lass. But when they talked she told him that she felt differently and that she thought it best if he left.

Heart broken Tallic couldn't face returning home, he instead hopped on his pony and kept riding north. He wasn't to return to The Shire for two years.

In those two years he travelled far and wide to many strange lands, and got involved in many adventures but this isnt the place to recall those.

Travelling didn't sit well with Tallic, he realised the adventures not only helped him bury his memories of his lass, but also of The Shire. He began longing for home, he missed the beautiful Shire and its merry folk.

He resolved to head home to try and become the happy hobbit that he used to be. Michel Delving square was full of happy music and merry hobbits when he returned and before long he was feeling a little like his old self.

He's now taken up with his music again and is often seen strumming away merrily around The Shire.

All Shire folk are considered friends, and any forriners who are polite and friendly.
Brother Tillbo, Cousin Talfo
Song writing and singing, fishing, walks in The Shire, and being with nice friendly folk.
Is not too keen on spiders.
Finding happiness in his music and poetry.
"Oops", "Sorry if I stood on yer toes", "Oh dear me" (All normally whilst trying to dance)

Tallic's Adventures

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Tallic's Adventures

Tallic's Gallery

Tallic's Gallery