Master Kraldar "Shell-Breaker"

Name Kraldar
Hunting and trading, some other things that are less... moral.
Twelve decades or so.
He has a home near Thorin's Hall but travels often.
Outward Appearance

An exceptionally stocky individual, even for a dwarf. When he speaks, a slight clinking sound is generated by the steel bands he used to decorate his beard.

Intelligent, pale blue eyes peer out from underneath a set of bushy eyebrows. In between the blue pools stands a nose that has clearly been broken several times over. 

He would most commonly be seen wearing practical clothing made of a sturdy leather. At his side he always carries his old hammer, a clearly well cared for piece of equipment.


Kraldar had an uninspiring and altogether uneventful upbringing, He was raised mostly by his uncle, a talented smith who he was to apprentice for. At first working the forge suited him just fine, he didn't complain or question anything, only keeping his mind with the things that needed doing around the forge.

After a while however, when the things he needed to do became more complicated, it became clear that Kraldar just wasn't a very talented smith. He could do simple work, naturally, but nothing spectacular. Slowly it started to become a frustration, wanting to do better but not being able to. Eventually the frustration turned into rage and his uncle forced him to stop working the forge, perhaps for the better.

He didn't know what to do for a long time but eventually decided to leave Erebor for Thorin's Hall and start over, wich he did. It turned out that he had a knack for hunting and handling a crossbow and though it seems odd, being outside did him good. His life led a steady course for almost forty years, something he was content with, until he met a man who inspired him to do a little more. Kraldar was no longer the serious dwarf he used to be but liked what the man had to say.

For nearly twenty years now he has been traveling, hunting and helping people with the small things while enjoying life to the fullest.

None he can would say are true.
He believes he has a cousin or two, somewhere.
Some dwarf named Helgi, he always won the drinking contests.
A large tankard filled to the brim with ale.
Neekerbreekers... and beggars. Some other things too but not with a passion.
To live by the day and see what happens.
"These things are horrible, aye, don't even taste good."

Kraldar's Adventures

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Kraldar's Adventures

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Kraldar's Gallery