Ramsy Huckleberry

Name Ramsy
4 Chalk Road, Alebrook, The Shire Homesteads
The Huckleberry Estate
Outward Appearance

Ramsy Huckleberry is a funny-looking fellow, for one of the Harfoots at least! Typically, this strand of hobbit presents incredibly short (even by Shireling standards!), balding, and overweight individuals, but Mr. Huckleberry has beaten the odds on each score!


He's taller than most of the Harfoots, standing at three feet and seven inches. He's quite proud of that, mind you, as he's taller than most Harfoots but not exceedingly sizeable as to tower over all in The Shire. Ramsy is adamant on fitting in, and the fact that he does height-wise means he can sleep easy at a modest hour!


The little one also has a full head of chestnut-coloured hair, with thick curls accentuating every strand. It's all often messy and unkempt, and it looks as if he tugs at it rather a lot when writer's block rears its ugly head his way! Still, he doesn't look too peculiar - he would absolutely not stand for that! 


Ramsy has also managed to stave off a round belly, maintaining a slender frame in spite of all his eating and drinking. He was once a bounder and he still likes his walks, so an active lifestyle has clearly done him wonders for his physique. Of course, in being a humble hobbit, Mr. Huckleberry is not muscular or physically imposing in any way, but he needn't worry about his gut poking out from under his shirt at least!


Huckleberry is aged 50, but for hobbits, that's hardly too old quite yet. The look of youth still graces him outwardly, and those unfamiliar with hobbit aging may assume him to be in his early 30s given his clear and tan complexion.  With bright green eyes and a pearly white grin, Mr. Huckleberry is clearly in tip-top condition and fares most well indeed!


All throughout The Shire, whispers and dreadful rumours were afoot. There was word of an adventuring hobbit by name of Baggins, who had carelessly gone and flouted the ways of the Shirelings. Off he went into the wild with strange companions in tow, and few think he came back quite the same! Nevertheless, the next generation of hobbits took notice!

One such hobbit was a young Ramsy Huckleberry. He was born after old Bilbo's adventuring, but the stories continue to circulate throughout The Shire to this very day! Because of this, Ramsy witnessed the power of storytelling as a child, and saw how it could dominate discussion and create consensus. All he needed to do was tell his own tales, and perhaps then he would be on to something special indeed! 

Huckleberry would spend much of his childhood reading and writing, even performing plays that he wrote for his folks and alternating between each and every role himself. Then, after coming of age at 33, off Huckleberry went. He roamed The Shire from Tuckborough to Bindbole Wood, Bywater to Stock, books and writing utensils all shoved into his backpack. Throughout his modest travels he'd create the first of his canon, fine tuning works such as 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hillcrest' and 'Champion Sasador and The Frightful Plain' as he settled in inn and woodland both! 

Some hobbits have become quite the adventurers since old Bilbo's quest, but Ramsy is content in imagining such a life only. He'll write about other subjects as he sees fit also, and occasionally requests that his mother Rosemary and his father Pip do read his works and check for errors. Of course, not every hobbit takes to his tales, which is why Ramsy predominantly publishes his works and manuscripts in Bree-Land, where greater success does find him. 


Far too many to list, with a plethora of cousins, second cousins, nephews, and nieces bearing the Huckleberry name!
Ramsy has sworn off confrontation, thank you very much!
Writing, home comforts, playing the fiddle, breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper... and Longbottom Leaf!
Writer's block, mischief, and any other nasty business!
To write stories, whether they are of prose or poetry!
"The Shire I do call home, and here I will settle. But I dare say my tales will explore the rest of Middle-Earth on my behalf!"

Ramsy's Adventures

Ramsy's Adventures

Ramsy's Gallery

Ramsy's Gallery