Hiríl Dunnedel (Morenwenna) Finuial

Name Morenwenna
Lutenist, former Guard of Felegoth
2 Millenia and 5 Centuries
Imladris, formerly Felegoth
Outward Appearance

Physical features

Morenwenna stands at a height of 6ft with a toned body and an hourglass figure. Her piercing, deep-set eyes are an ombré of emerald and aquamarine; like a river crashing against the grass. Her face is heart-shaped with hollow cheekbones, a delicate pinched nose, high-angled eyebrows, natural fuchsia lips and a rather pale, almost ill complexion with a cool undertone. She also has a double pierced left ear and often wears cuffs, chains, and leaves to wear as earrings. Her hairstyle is naturally straight and all loose; swept to her right side of her face, usually secured with a fabric or twine headband. Morenwenna's raven black hair is like the darkest night in autumn.


Morenwenna is mainly a Teleri (specifically Silvan elf ) with a bloodline of Nandorin roots, originating from the Vales of Anduin and Southern/Middle Greenwood. As her namesake suggests, it is not of a Sindarin origin. However, her mother being half Laiquendë and half Sinda, she does have some Sindarin blood within her, originating from Doriath and Ossiriand. As the remaining bloodline, it is from the Avarrin '"Penni" tribe many millennia ago, who blended in with the Nandor and whom Morenwenna has such a striking resemblance, thus many confuse her to be of mainly Avar origin.



As for clothing, most of the time, she wears everyday clothes; a dress or a robe. Morenwenna prefers to wear long, dark casual robes and dresses with leaf patterns, which remind her of the environment she lived in/ All shades in dark hues are her favourite. However, on very special occasions such as feasts, celebrations or balls, she wears fine silk gowns which are brighter tinted in green, turquoise, auburn, brown and any seasonal colours. Only a few know that she 'secretly' admires blue. Her hairstyle also changes to a loose bun or a ponytail pinned with white or other varieties of flowers; mostly roses or peonies. It is also the time when Morenwenna is seen with peach tinted lips and lightly char-coaled eyes. When travelling, she wears black and silver medium armour, a scaled cape with a hood (rumoured to be drake scales), and a mask in the shape of an oak leaf. 



Of skills, Morenwenna possesses many, such as fluency in Sindarin and Westron. Morenwenna has advanced knowledge of Nandorin, since it's her father's first tongue but occasionally uses it. As one of the few Edhil who possesses advanced knowledge of Nandorin, she remembers the old Silvan tongue very vaguely. Whenever speaking Sindarin, her first language, Morenwenna speaks in a Silvan dialect and pronounces words differently, such as Mê G'ovannen and Le fêl. She has no knowledge of any Quenya dialects at all and is often confused with native Quenya speakers. Since she was trained as a warden, she has many experiences of combat and defending methods to protect herself but has been disheartened to continue as a Warden after the Battle of Five Armies. Currently, Morenwenna has taken a profession of a lutenist and is regularly seen playing tunes in the Hall of Fire in Rivendell. 


Generally, Morenwenna is a kind soul, with a heart of warmth and believes in peace for all races of the free peoples. Overall, she is empathetic and generous; when not angered.

Morenwenna in detail

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Elves of Mirkwood: Known or heard by most Tawarwaith due to her many championships earned in the early Third Age in her youth and Greenwood being her homeland. As the daughter of Calendir, an honourary Felegoth warden, she is well respected in elven standards and highly likeable by many. Those who were in Caras Tilion since it's beginning and fall would know and call by her original name; Dunnedel. Currently, none from Felegoth, or even the Woodland realm, have heard of Morenwenna for 16 years since her departure to the outside world.


Elves of Lórien: Known by few since their relations to Maechenebiel (Morenwenna's mother), who was born in Lórien when the Sindar came to the realm. Morenwenna's love for music came from the Golden Woods and was passed down for 3 generations; the first being her Sinda grandmother of Doriath. Being referred by her motherly name, many compare Morenwenna to Maechenebiel and the echoes of her mother's past and heritage roamed throughout the mallorn trees. 


Men of Lake-town and Dale: Her efforts in the Battle of Five Armies helped hopeless men who sought aid. There were a few who witnessed her bravery in the defence of Dale and her being struck to the knee. Many in return aided her.


Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain: Before the coming of Smaug, Morenwenna has traded once with the dwarves in exchange for goods, even though the history between the Silvan Elves and Dwarves has not been great. They gave her dresses, precious stones, minerals and equipment. In return, she would give them jewellery, circlets, rings, clothing and lute strings.


Elves of Rivendell: Very well known in Imladris for her musical skills as well a party planning. Many know her from her frequent visits to the Hall of Fire, where her music is usually heard from. 





The Beginning

Morenwenna, actually born as Dunnedel is a Silvan elf of former Eryn Galen (Greenwood the Great). She comes from a family of Nandorin and other Teleri descents, though her appearance says otherwise. Also, Morenwenna's ancestry derives from the ancient Nando household of Na'Amhlaidh, one of the very few remaining houses of the Nandor, whose members are scattered all across Rhovanion and the East. Her begetting was in TA 516 in Caras Tilion upon Emyn-nu-fuin, which was the current city of Thranduil before the coming of the Necromancer. Morenwenna is the only daughter of Maechenebiel the Lutenist and Calendir the Warden, who took part in the battle of the Last Alliance in SA 3434 and aiding their king: Oropher. Once having a brother of an unknown name before her coming, one day he travelled far east for an unknown reason, never to be seen again. Since the day of his mysterious disappearance, Morenwenna never learned of him. Morenwenna's Mother, Maechenebiel, a half Sinda and half Laiquendë from Lórinand (Now Lothlórien), gave her the Sindarin second name of 'Finuial' meaning 'Twilit Hair', which symbolizes the time she was birthed: twilight. 



In her first stage of life, Morenwenna was an outgoing and curious elfling. Her interests at those times were flower-picking and crafting figurines out of twigs and leaves; often representing an elf-sire and an elf-maiden, fantasizing of her future betrothed one. Even though she didn't many friends, she spent many hours with her mother together. Her father had little time to spend with his dear wife and daughter since he was mostly on duties. Growing up, Morenwenna's learned that her mother had a high distrust and hatred for High Elves, especially the Noldor and Feanorians (worst), due to the troubles they have dealt with the enemy. On a few occasions, Morenwenna has witnessed her mother's prejudice towards those who aren't Teleri for most of her youth and though thankfully, has not shared any personality traits with Maechenebiel.



 As Morenwenna reached her second stage in life (100 years) and was considered a full adult, it was important for her that she had to know how to handle a weapon, as it was mandatory for the living standards of the Tawarwaith. She wanted to learn how to shoot from a bow because archery was the most common defence practice among the Wood Elves as it can strike a foe down within far distances, but it didn't seem it was right for her. The first and last time she tried, the bowstring wasn't easy to pull and her target was significantly weaker than average. Her father suggested that she should try out for a warden instead. Surprisingly, she learned how to aim a javelin and fight with a spear and shield in a matter of days. The relationship between Morenwenna and Calendir grew more, but still, she was closer to her mother as they shared similar interests in music. The two Ellyth would often duet in courts and parties, bringing many attention and praise. As the years progressed, Morenwenna got better at lute-playing, though it had not outmatched her's mother's skill, whose skill was so beautiful that could meeken any hard hearts. 


Duties & Migration

Soon, Morenwenna joined the King's Guard. Each day she was tasked to walk around the city and be on patrol for any mischievous deeds. In certain parts of a year, she would take part in annual sparring events with fellow elves, but for her, it was nothing but a simple task and always bested her opponents. She won several titles, such as "The Sharp Spear" and "The Shieldmaiden" but did not take them personally. Alongside her successes came a downfall. The juries of the event told her to take a break from taking part in the tournaments to let others get a chance. Morenwenna understood and accepted it with slight disappointment. Her success began to fade away over the years as more champions came in her place.

Like most of her fellow guard friends, on feasts, they would drink a lot of wine, while she preferred to drink less and responsibly because she thinks that it would be reckless behaviour for her to conduct herself in a drunk manner. As a member of the King's guard, if anything bad happened, she would get the blame for anything misfortunate. If she does drink, she would select a vintage that is not as powerful or maybe perhaps that is watered down. Though she likes to have a good drink, she does care about her wellbeing and the enjoyment of others.

On TA 1050, a shadow had fallen upon Greenwood, forcing Thranduil and his people to flee up north, including Morenwenna and her family; abandoning their home. Soon Felegoth, a series of caverns which was similar to Menegroth, the capital of the old elven kingdom of Doriath, which was established with the help of the Naugrim (Dwarves). The Silvan elves being more protective than ever, have doubled their forces and had been more protective of their land. Morenwenna has been selected as a recruitment officer and began recruiting more members to the Kings Gaurd and helped in training the basics and the tasks of the job. Since the migration of her people northward, she rarely took time off because the woods were more dangerous than ever. Morenwenna missed Caras Tilion too much that it drove her to tears and misery, even though it's been covered in darkness and shadow and left to crumble. Morenwenna had no taste for music after that saddening event.  For a few years, she took a bit of time off her normal duties and with a few other elves scouts, she would travel to enemy points and sabotage their camps within Eryn Galen's border, or it was now considered 'Mirkwood's' border. It is said that one rumour tells that she single-handedly defeated an orc raid by herself and herself alone.


The Battle of Five Armies

In T.A. 2770, Smaug the terrible had burned down the city of Dale and invaded the Dwarven city of Erebor and Morenwenna was called for urgent aid. Watching at the top of the Raven hill as the dwarves fled in panic, she became enraged inside after Thranduil declined to help them that day because she thought that what the King has done, was an act of selfishness and cowardness, but had no other choice but to obey her king and retreat. If she had confronted the king, her fate was eternal banishment and dishonour. She learned that Thranduil's reason for the retreat is because of past experiences he had with the drakes of the north; Smaug being a greater threat. She too had faced the drakes in the Grey Mountains in several expeditions, where Smaug was said to have come from.

In T.A. 2941, she took part and became one of the very few survivors of the Battle of Five Armies. It was at the moment when the enemy broke through the remains of Dale and attacked the survivors of Lake-town, a Gundabad orc struck its club at her left knee; practically smashing the knee cap and leaving her in crucial pain, but out of a slim hope, she managed to slay even more orcs. After the battle ended, she had learned of what had become of the rest of the elves that didn't survive, many of them were childhood friends and helped bury their bodies. Unable to walk with one leg, she was assisted into Loeglond, where she was going to recover for a long period of time. Morenwenna spent weeks laying on the bed with her heart shaking of grief and remorseful sorrow.



Herbalists have told her to not participate in any combat or any activities that required the use of both knees and to take time off her guard. Morenwenna couldn't help it but wait until her knee was better. In Loeglond, she would've been seen near the docks helping out with fishing and filling supply carts set for distant lands. However, that did not help overcome her constant dread upon the battlefield. The burdens of what happened at the Battle of Five Armies left Morenwenna scarred, and upon her return to Felegoth, she resigned from the guard and quit her position. After all these years of training she sacrificed, she became afraid of combat and the many losses of her people made her grieve tremendously. In the brief years of her return to Felegoth, she spent time in her family chambers; tucked within the narrow halls of Felegoth. She helped out in daily tasks and taking interests such as cooking, cleaning, washing, and of course, music. Her sense was gradually getting back to normal every day.

Also, Morenwenna took back her old profession of lute-playing and to her surprise, her knowledge was not all lost. Every midday, she would open her chamber window and let out melodies of the lute and flocks of Edhil would rush in from far corners of the stronghold and listen to her music. Of course, being shy, she was hesitant to perform in the main court of Felegoth. However, one day she was brave enough to get to the busy main court and perform a song that her mother taught; of leaves and flora. Many applauded her in awe and pleaded for more. Soon after, guards, civilians, traders, jewelers, and smiths gathered around her as she enchanted them with the melody of immense beauty. 



A couple of years later, Morenwenna had a strong will to explore the outside world and bid farewell to the whole of Eryn Galen to become an explorer and seek out shelter in other lands, for she felt that she doesn't want the whole of her life in Mirkwood. At the bridge of Felegoth, Calendir and Maechenebiel gave their daughter a sapphire pendant and a brooch, so that it will be a reminder of home. Morenwenna promised that she will return there when the danger has decreased in Mirkwood and when Thranduil will open his roads freely, then she will see her parents again and remain in Felegoth when most of the Eldar sail West.

Going with a group of other elves who wished to travel, she had escorted them safely through the Misty Mountains near the road to Imladris. As for Morenwenna herself, she continued south-west alone. From time to time, she was travelling through the remains of Eregion for a brief while in secrecy and studied what happened to the region. Upon that, she learned the history of the Noldor and the forging of the rings. After studying the ancient Noldor region, she came to Rivendell and made her stay there. Finally, after finding a place of escapism from her burdens, Morenwenna made Rivendell her second home.


Where now?

Currently, Morenwenna is seen in Imladris (Rivendell) doing her daily tasks or playing songs on her lute. If you happen to see her, she'll be happy to have a conversation and a glass of wine with you and perhaps play you a couple of songs.



The end... or is it?

"Things are still yet to come... Patience is needed. My Adventures have not come to an end."





A little about myself (OOC):

Hiya! Or Mê G'ovannen in that matter, hah. This is just a little personal statement I wanted to write on LA, just so you can get to know me a bit better in person :) I love to do creative writing and since I am a massive Tolkien fan, so why not put them together? I've found out about LOTRO from a friend of mine and he recommended this to me and I've played for more or about 2 years now. I've been introduced to Tolkien's works by my dad and I was 5 when I watched the LOTR trilogy. Yes, a tad too young because of some of the scenes, but never regretted it. Currently, I am in my mid-teens (Surprised yet??) and since my discovery of the Silmarillion and other books by J.R.R.Tolkien, I became even more intrigued with Arda's history. I also love to do roleplay because I wanted to experience the point of view from another perspective.

This is all I have to say for now, without giving away too much. If you feel interested in roleplaying with me or wnt any roleplaying advice, I'll be more than happy for you to contact me via game or Laurelin Archives :)


-Morenwenna ☺


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Most of the edhil she meets, none relatively close
Mother: Maechenebiel, Father: Calendir, Siblings: an unknown older brother, No other known relatives (yet)
All servants of the enemy, hostile foes, unpleasant guests, rude folk.
Nature, travelling, sharing stories from her region, fine wines, good conversations, dancing, playing the lute, flowers
Anything that has to do against her kind, being regarded as weak, everything wicked and evil.
Fight for what is right and just and restore peace for the free peoples.
"Él síla loda waminto (A star shines on the hour of our meeting) [Nandorin]" "May Elbereth's stars be your guiding light amidst the darkness"

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