Tilton Amberleaf

Name Tilton
Trading Assistant at Wentworth Trading
A Lifetime of Adventure
Outward Appearance

Age || Young. His age is hard to determine. But he certainly looks young. To determine his age, one would need to ask.

Hair || Messy and wispy strands of flame orange and yellow. Rogue strands occasionally hang over his brows and the back is at such a length it touches the back of his neck.

Skin || His complexion is plain and untanned. His hands are harsh from work and his knees scuffed. Some freckles occasion on his cheeks and nose. Frequent outdoor activity and connections to the wilds of Bree-Land have darkened some areas of his face, such as under his brows and the contour of his nose. There is some small evidence of hair appearing very light on his chin, not enough to be called stubble, not yet.

Height || He is quite tall for his age. In the peek of adulthood, he will reach at least 5'9. However, for now, he is no more than shoulder height to most men.

Clothing || His clothes are pretty common for Bree-Land. Working clothes with one set of smart clothes which are not very amazing but they suit their purpose. Thick boots, warm gloves, patched and repaired trousers, simple shirts. What else would he need?


Additional Notes || Sometimes he can appear plain in the way he speaks. This does not mean he does not like you, it is just the way he is. Simply answers for direct questions. 


Tilton Duncan Amberleaf | Bree-Land Born | Scallywag By Nature

Tilton, more commonly known as Tilty or Tilt, is a young man of Bree. He is in every way, both in appearance and character, your typical every day Bree-Land chap. His background is mostly from a farming heritage, with both his Father and Grandfather working in that trade. It was natural that when he was old enough he would follow in that profession. From a young age, he was put to work and such things as education and childish pursuits were seen less as a priority than putting food on the table for the family. 

He never had much of a childhood and from his birth, he was not treated like every other child, from the moment he let out his first cry, his Father hated him. His Father, a once kind and hard working family orientated man, changed on the day Tilton was born and rejected his Son, all because his wife died in her child-bed. Stricken by grief on loosing his wife, Frankburn, Tilton's Father, blamed it entirely on his infant Son and entered into depression. Tilton, for a lot of his infancy, was left to the care of his Grandmother (who sadly he does not remember), as Frankburn refused to take on the responsibility. Only when it seemed Tilton had use did he seem to bother with him.

As a result from his upbringing, Tilton can be reserved and less enthusiastic, he can even be rather skittish. He is not very charismatic and can sometimes become shy as a result, often prone to dark moods and thoughtfulness; eager to please and fearing displeasure. 

Frankburn relied heavily on drink, gambling and other less popular pursuits to sedate his anger and depression and when he was not working, he was taking out a lot of his feelings out on his Son, when the drink was not working. It gradually became common place for Tilton to be abused violently by his Father; if he did not bring home enough money, if he appeared to be lazy. Nothing Tilton did ever seemed to please him. Frankburn soon fell into the company of known tricksters and people who liked the wrong side of the law.

As Tilton got older and could be more independent, he would seek work on local farms that were separate to the employment his Father had. He made sure to be as distant from his Father as possible, till it was only on a night, when going home, he would be in his company and when he knew his Father would have passed out from his drunk stewper. Since education was not given to him, Tilton took it upon himself to do it himself, often frequenting the local reading rooms and picking up any book he might find. Writing is still not his best skill, but he is always improving.

As time went by, Tilton felt his feet itching, longing to see the world outside of Bree, away from his angry Father, away from the farms and the cobbled streets

Images/banner artwork credited to the follow:
- http://deviantart.com/tvonn9/art/Tim-V3-the-poor-boy-188026297
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Dernwynn, Ruemax, Dervenor, Gythleth, Paigey, Rickstan. He has recently been seen often with Abriana.
Father: Frankburn. His Mother has long since passed likely from influenza when he was a child. He had no siblings. Any other family is spread out abroad. He treats and appreciates Dernwynn like an older sister.
Frankburn His Father.
Relaxing and not working. Horse riding (whenever he can get the chance). Hearing stories of adventure. He has recently discovered growing feelings for Abriana.
Being mocked. Over dramatics. Fake people. Sprouts. His Father
To be more than a simple farmhand of Bree.
Maybe this is the beginning of a better future?

Tilton's Adventures

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Tilton's Adventures

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