Pheadra, the Wanderer

Name Pheadra
Hard to determine
Varied - currently patrolling along the bounds of Ithilien
Outward Appearance

This woman's height stretches nearly six feet, with strong shoulders which pull her posture upright and give her a proud bearing. She is quiet and stoic in voice, expression, and conversation, with keen gray eyes that hold the quiet sort of wisdom wrought of experience. Dark hair is kept in a reasonable, functional style. Her way of speaking is not coarse or vulgar, and seems educated. There is often dirt beneath her short fingernails, suggesting she spends a lot of time outdoors.

Pheadra is a skilled archer and survivalist, which lends her an overall solid, conditioned physique. She is usually covered in some combination of light leather and cloth in tones which allow her to blend in with a variety of environment. Her belt is often laden with pouches and she keeps a dagger or short sword close at hand. She is quite regularly seen with at least one long bow, sometimes an extra secured to the saddle of a gray horse.


Work in progress.

"Ídhra," a woman whispered as she looked down into her infant's tiny, pink face, relaxed in peaceful sleep.
"You want to name our daughter 'desire'?" murmured the man in Sindarin just over her shoulder with a chuckle.
"I do," the woman returned and traced a soft touch across the newborn's small cheek. In sleep, her tiny lips parted and rooted on reflex toward the touch. "Long have I prayed that we might be blessed with another only to have those prayers dashed again and again. I had longed for that quickening, and at last, she is here. And she is perfect."
At that moment, the infant stirred and sleepily opened her eyes, pale grey as a stormy sky. She observed the faces hovering over her silently, swaddled snuggly in layers of muslin.
"She has your lips," the man remarked amusedly, "Stern and serious." He placed a kiss against his wife's dark hair. "Let us hope she does not inherit your temper."
The woman gave the man a stern, chiding look, but her gaze quickly softened and returned to the babe in her arms. She had spent hours memorizing her face since the moment she first held her.
"Ídhra," she whispered in Sindarin, "My heart is full." Gentle lips touched the infant's temple as she breathed in her scent and held her close

Haeneth, fellow Rangers
The smell of forest before rain and tall grass after. Sunrise over water.
Any agent of the Enemy
To serve her order and protect those who cannot protect themselves
"Doing what is right does not always mean doing what is easy."

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Pheadra's Adventures

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