Duinn Muninn's son Drakenbane

Name Duinn
High-Lord of the Kinship of Durin's Folk
Old dwarf.
Ulfhirth Homesteads, 2 Roaring Road
Outward Appearance

Old for a dwarf but in good shape. Long grey beard and hair but well kempt. 


Name; Duinn Drakenbane Muninn's son Frerin's son Throrin's son of The Lonely Mountain, Lord of the kinship of Durin's Folk
[Duinn 'Azzugabzag Rayad Munninul Frerinul ku tanakai udu Abad Zesulul Uzbad arùyadu Sigintarâgul]
Clan; Longbeards
Age; 218
DOB; 2801 T.A. 
Many dwarven halls stood empty when Duinn son of Muninn was born in 2801 of the Third Age. Two years had passed since the bloodiest of wars came to an end in Azanulbizar, and it would take many more for the dwarves to regain their former numbers, if ever they would.  Muninn, had survived the battle as he fought to ensure a good life for his yet unborn son and wife Ásdís.  In the Blue Mountains King Thráin was building a new home for the Longbeards.  The folk of Durin had been scattered since the fall of Erebor.  Yet many of the dwarves were following the King and his son Thorin.  Now those that had survived Azanulbizar sought for a new life, to form a new Hall with their King.  And so it was that Muninn and Ásdís left their home in the nearly abandoned mining town of Othrikar and joined with many of the Longbeards in the Blue Mountains.   There Thorin's Halls were built, in honor of prince Thorin.  When the main hall was completed Ásdís gave birth to Duinn, making Duinn the first dwarrow to be born in Thorin's Halls. 
The occasion was richly celebrated and the young prince Thorin, who was a good friend of Muninn and knew him from their time at the Lonely Mountain, honored Muninn by becoming the godfather of the newborn.
Duinn had his first sheltered years at Thorin’s Halls but along with most of his family traveled North as Muninn was commissioned lordship in the Grey Mountains in the Halls of Thakalgund. Muninn receiving a royal Decree as First Lord of Thakalgund, or Uzbad of Thakalgund. The young Duinn, a mere seven years found his new home in the Grey Mountains a ruin, one his father was eager to rebuild.  Duinn’s mother Ásdís was now expecting her second child and iIn 2811 Kuinn, Duinn’s brother was born. Growing up the two learned the ways of dwarrow kind and the hardships of the Grey Mountains. Their folk often assailed by orcs and under threat from dragons, lived from day to day. But with their father at the helm Thakalgund became a thriving community and it was a time of plenty. 
Muninn ensured his two sons received the highest of education, trained in speech, writing and the skills of war.  When the summer of 2829 came Duinn had long reached his battle ready age and was eager to be tested.  As there were no ongoing wars, to the joy of all, Duinn was given an assignment.  It is customary for young dwarrows at Battle ready age to be tested against a foe of equal strength, yet at this time the orc camps near Gundabad outmatched the small numbers of dwarves in Thakalgund.  Muninn, well aware his Hall would be targeted if the young ones attacked one of the camps, advised against the testing of the battle ready ones that year, and the year after that, and even the year after that.. .   In the winter of 2835 Duinn pleaded with his father to be allowed his battle ready test, reluctantly his father agreed.  So, it was that Duinn with eleven others of battle-ready age were allowed to attack Ghar-Vrushnâk, the goblin cave 8 pauses South-East of Thundercleft.  The Thakalgund twelve attacked the cave armed to the teeth, but soon found the few dozen goblins were no match for their strength, as Duinn had known all along.  
When all goblins were slain, Duinn noticed a piece of parchment on the floor.  The parchment were orders for the goblin regiment that was stationed there, they were to join with a large hoste the day after.  Duinn knew that if the his eleven companions and he did not try to alarm Thakalgund their home would be lost to a hoste of Orcs that came upon them at unawares.
Duinn decided to scout the orc hoste first and instructed his companions to follow him.  So it was that Duinn lead the group to a higher scouting ground, counted their numbers and instructed the two youngest of the group to run full haste to his father Muninn in Thakalgund and bring the news.  Duinn had set this sight on a bigger prize, a matter of honor that would surely test his skill in tactics and battle.  
The Dwarves of the Grey Mountains knew well that the pass of Iklal-Amrâd ("cold death"), the walled valley that lead to Thakalgund, carried an evil name in legend with the orcs, as they believed the ghosts of the first dwarves of Gundabad dwelt there and any Orc that passed there would perish.  Duinn saw the fear in the eyes of the Orcs as the vanguard of the regiment stepped foot in the cold and windy valley.  
And so he instructed his companions to remove their armour and cover their bare bodies with the white chalk-dust of the surrounding hills.  Thus twelve young able bodied dwarves, clad in nothing but white chalk-dust, axes in hand, charged 2000 orcs.  A gamble it was, one that would cost them dearly.  Yet by the time Muninn arrived with a hoste of his own he found nothing but twelve bare-bodied youngsters and a pile of orcs.  Duinn's strategy had worked and saved Thakalgund.  The orcs had fled screaming at the top of their longs and those that remained trembling were slain without mercy, some two hundred decapitated orc bodies were clear proof of that.   To this day songs are sung about the Thakalgund twelve, renowned amongst Longbeards. 
Duinn who was becoming more mature was now eager to travel abroad.  Muninn sent tribute in the form of gold to teh King in Thorin’s Halls, strengthening the ties of his house to the royal house of Durin’s Folk. Young Duinn was set in charge of taking the gold caravans from Thakalgund to Thorin’s Halls, meeting many of his kin such as his uncle Durinur, his cousins and his grandmother. It was in 2845 that Duinn arrived merely three days ere the passing of his grandmother, and on his return to Thakalgund was the personal messenger of this ill news to his father. Duinn learned much on his travels consulting many learned folk and growing fond of his godfather Thorin, who he called his uncle and his nephews Fili and Kili.
Duinn continued to lead the caravans through snow clad peaks and muddy roads. It was on a return mission to Thakalgund that Duinn with his caravan were caught in a vicious blizzard which led their caravan astray from the road. By now they were fighting to find their way against the harsh conditions. All knew Thakalgund was close, but none could tell as to where exactly. It was nearing midnight when strange howling noises were heard. The caravan was still moving but Duinn and his dwarrows were concerned, the noise was coming up from behind the caravan and clearly was not the wind. Duinn hurried to the back of the caravan and ordered everyone to move ahead while he would hold off whatever was coming towards them. Duinn assured himself the caravan was far ahead as he could make out, before they disappeared into the distance of the thick blizzard. The hiss and heavy breaths could be heard in the distance, and occasional growls. Duinn stood ready with his bow and sword by his side, while the darkness brought an unknown menace ever closer. 
Then it appeared... two red gleaming candles, two eyes! Thinking fast Duinn sent an arrow into distance towards the eyes but only a flick of the bolt as it hit something hard, responded by a loud boom of a roar followed by a spewing of flames. Missing Duinn barely but it was clear that in the darkness was a drake. Duinn took a second shot angering the beast ever more, and then the drake began charging spewing fire as he went. Duinn readied a third arrow and let it loose amongst the howling winds and the drake’s growls, and one of the two gleaming red eyes went out! The beast came tumbling to the ground sliding with great speed towards Duinn, knocking him off his feet and unconscious. 
Hours later a guard lead by Muninn himself came upon Duinn and his foe. Duinn opened his eyes seeing only Muninn who proclaimed him Duinn with the epitaph Drakenbane. Later a stone was raised where the bones of the drake lay commemorating Duinn’s victory, becoming ever more renowned amongst dwarves of as Drakenbane.
Duinn carried on for several years his caravan work but in the year 2869 Duinn permenantly left Thakalgund, travelling to the Iron Hills to Lord Dáin and to service there. Duinn and Dáin became great friends and Duinn establised a prosperous business for himself there.
In 2890 Duinn met and married Fridunn at a grand celebration at Thakalgund with many representatives coming to the grand halls of Thakalgund. In 2897 Duinn’s son Svalgrim was born in the Iron Hills. Together with his wife and son in the Iron Hills they prospered immensely travelling often to Thakalgund to visit family and friends. But Duinn often traveled abroad, far into the Wilderlands and even to the Blue Mountains.
One autumn night in 2941 only two days before arriving from travels in the East, a message came to Dáin from Thorin’s Oakenshield. Thorin had taken The Lonely Mountain and help was needed. Duinn did not hesitate and joined his brother and father assisting Lord Dáin in Thorin's call for aid.  His uncle needed aid and Duinn would answer. So it was that Duinn took part in the Battle of the Five Armies, along side many of his family. 
They fought and they won but to the grievance of Duinn, his beloved uncle had died. Duinn was there at Thorin’s bedside when he passed away, Muninn and Kuinn said their farewells too. Dáin was proclaimed King after Thorin's passing and Dáin asked Duinn to come live at Erebor with him, Muninn had already rejoiced in the opportunity to finally return to his long lost home. Kuinn was given the title of First Lord of Thakalgund and Duinn was given “Of the Lonely Mountain” by Dáin for his efforts in rebuilding the Kingdom of the Longbeards. Duinn’s son Svalgrim and his wife Fridunn joined soon after. His mother Ásdís and uncle Durinur and cousins soon arrived as well at the Lonely Mountain.  
When Duinn's mother passed to the Halls of waiting in 2982, his family was met with a deep sadness.  Yet Duinn fullfilled his duty as officer of the Royal Guard at the Lonely Mountain.  By 3016, Duinn had become the adjutant of Dwalin, who lead the Royal Guard.  In the winter of that year, Dwalin and his guard were called to the court of King Dáin.  The situation in the Blue Mountains had become unbearable, as the Firebeards and Broadbeams had closed their halls in the Blue Mountains, shielding their folk from  to the Dourhands and goblins. Thus it was that King Dáin ordered Dwalin and his guard to liberate Thorin's Halls and restore Longbeard rule.  A swift battle followed in the Blue Mountains, restoring Longbeard rule, scattering the Dourhands and making Dwalin Lord of Thorin's Halls.  Duinn's efforts had not gone unnoticed and Lord Dwalin, with the blessing of King Dáin, appointed Duinn Lord of the kinship of Durin's Folk, a strong company of dwarves charged with safeguarding all dwarven Halls and their trade routes.   To this day Duinn Drakenbane leads the Kinship of Durin's Folk, by Royal decree.
Greatgreatgrandfather_ Trórolfr Greatgrandfather: Thrórin Grandfather: Frerin Father: Muninn. Son: Svalgrim. Son: Dwalko Brother: Kuinn Nephew: Barkgrim Nephew: Kandral
Pipes and wine, mithril, gold, silver, gems and metalwork
May Mahal keep you and Mithril find you

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