Name Delioron
Claims to be a scholar and a historian
Cape of Belfalas
Outward Appearance

Race/Ethnicity: Gondorian

Height: 6'2''

Eyes: Pewter gray

Hair: Gray

Education: Extensive

Languages spoken: Fluent in Westron, Sindarin and some other languages not often heard in the western part of the Middle-Earth. Passable Rohirric, Dalish and Dunlending. Knows a little Black Adûnaic and Black Speech. Can read ancient Adûnaic and Haladin. Natural aptitude for languages. 

Weapons: Swords, knives and daggers.


Delioron is a tall, large, middle-aged man who usually dresses in nondescript, earth-colored robes and cloaks. His age is difficult to determine, because his gray hair and his weather-beaten, grayish pale face streaked with deep lines of age and experience could belong to an older man, while his body is still strong, agile and wide of shoulders, and could belong to a man still in his prime. His face is hard and stern, his pewter gray eyes calm, expressionless and cold as the Ice-Bay of Forochel. He doesn't talk often, but when he does, his voice is deep and monotonous, his words remorseless and sharp as the blade of a dagger. Delioron has traveled extensively throughout Middle-Earth and still does; when such information is required, he will present himself as a historian and a scholar of Middle-Earth, it's cultures and history. Delioron is fluent in many languages old and new, but a faint accent will betray him as a man of Gondorian origin.



Author's note: The adventures in the chronicle In the Shadow of the White Tower take place several years before the events depicted in the novel The Lord of the Rings. The exact year is not defined, but Gríma Wormtongue has not yet entered the service of Théoden and the Thain of the Shire is Ferumbras III Took. Bilbo Baggins has been living in Rivendell for several years and Frodo has the Ring hidden away. Faramir is not yet the leader of the Rangers of Ithilien.

The Man Who Came from the East takes place almost a year after the events depicted in the chronicle In the Shadow of the White Tower.

The events in The Eye of Stone begin soon after the end of the previous chronicle.

The chronicle Durin's Blood takes place a little over a year after The Eye of Stone ends.


Great-aunt Meldis in Pelargir is his only living relative.
Servants of Sauron; at times agents of Gondor too.
His life, as it has turned out.
Once upon a time he was inspired by his love of Gondor; all that remains now is pure survival instinct.
"There are no rules."

Delioron's Adventures

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Delioron's Adventures

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Delioron's Gallery