Name Deorla
Assassin, thief, merchant.
Traveler / Wanderer / Wild
Outward Appearance

Deorla has black hair, with a massive scar on her right eye, which is almost always covered with an eye patch. She most of the times wears her black armour which was created for her in the deep forest of Mirkwood. On occasions she tends to wear an ranger outfit, from the one ske killed, and dyed it black.

Deorla weapon of choice is a dagger called "Angrist" and a sword

which she had named Nightfall.


She also owns a black mount, of unknown breed, which is named "Windmane."


Deorla is an assassin with a current bounty of 50gold coins. She was sentenced to death after killing one of rangers at the gate of Fornost. Eventualy she got cought by group of bounty hunters which were lead by Furley. An trail has been put in place in Bree Scholar hall, With the end result being execution, But it would take place in North downs as it was place where the crime was commited, luckly for her, on her way to north downs deorla managed to escape with group of her friends.

After the escape the bounty was raised from 25 gold coins to 50 gold coins.

She is forbidden in the land of Evendim, North-Downs and Bree-Land.

Deorla most times wears her black armour made in mirkwood for her, or her ranger outfit which she stealed from the ranger she killed and dyed it black. She also has an eyepatch on her left eye.

Deorla was raised in mirkwood. However after her Master died, Deorla decided to travel and focus more on her proffesions and skills.

Now She visits towns and sells all the goods she managed to steal from places long forgotten by time for her living or If needed she can also take a job of an assassin.

She is very friendly and also deadly at the same time, just depends on her mood and weather.

((( There are bounty poster of her in Estedlin, North downs and Bree)))


none that she knows
Rangers of North, Bree town guards, Bounty hunters, all evil creatures.
Killing and having good fun
Orcs and everyone that annoys her, so mostly everyone.
Become the greatest thief.
If you blink, you die.

Deorla's Adventures

Deorla's Adventures

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Deorla's Gallery